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The Bliss Resort - 21 Buildings at Riviera Maya?

September 18, 2012

Yesterday, we were offered the opportunity to participate in an AmazonLocal deal. The offer is take advantage of a seven-night stay at a Mayan Resort in Mexico. There are five more days left to buy a voucher through a company called Resort Stay Marketing, LLC. The company says they are a Nevada Limited Liability Company, but they are not registered in Nevada as such. Even though the representative of the Nevada office of the Secretary of State said it is illegal for a company to list themselves as something they are not, that is not the point of this post.

Instead, we learned that the The Bliss Resort now has 21 buildings at Riviera Maya.

Resort Stay Vouchers Advertisement
Resort Stay Vouchers Advertisement

We do not recall seeing any announcements that stated The Bliss Resort had expanded into the Mayan Palace buildings at the Riviera Maya location. What we find interesting is the Mayan Palace is mentioned in the promotion material as one of the resorts that is included in the promotion, so the conversion is not yet system wide.

We know there are explanations for this possible change in brand identification and association. We also know it is not likely we will ever know the real reason for the switch.

This is a promotion, so perhaps there is justification for being a bit lose with the facts. Or, perhaps the facts are known to others, but we are just now learning about them. After all, our focus is on the Grand Luxxe Residence Club, and we all know about change.

We are confident that the Mayan Palace owners of rights to use contracts are fully aware of these changes and supportive of them. Congratulations to those individuals who purchased contracts for use of the Bliss Resort. Perhaps this marks the first of more introductions of Bliss Resorts throughout the Mayan Resort system.