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Panama Canal Cruise Rated Highest

October 7, 2012

Our poll results are in, and there is interest in the Panama Canal cruise. Of the 14 participants, 6 gave the Panama Canal cruise a five rating (the highest) and 1 gave it a four (next highest rating). This is particularly notable because 2 of the 14 participants said they have no interest in cruising.

The result: the Panama Canal cruise was rated highest or next to highest by 58% of the participants.

Also, included in the viewer posts was a trip review. The Tillberg family recently returned from a cruise arranged by Maria DeMarco, and they provided a great review of their trip and the services offered by Maria.

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Greetings Aimfair community!!! I just wanted to mention that my little family of 4 just got home from a 12 day Med cruise that we booked through Maria at Vacation Discounters. It was absolutely amazing. We had an incredible room, at an incredible price, with tons of perks thrown in. The best part was we didn't have to worry about anything...she was there to advise on room configurations, tours, services, and discounted airfare options. Even when we ran into a minor glitch while on board, she was available immediately by email to seamlessly handle the scenario at a moments notice. I can not say enough about the quality, service and value that Maria was able to provide to us. We will definitely never book any travel arrangements with anyone other then Maria and Vacation Discounters again.

The Tillberg Family

Through Maria, we now have available detailed information about the Panama Canal cruise. This information appears in Aimfair Vacation News Articles. Additionally, you can look for this information in your email.

As a small personal note, Bob's Great Grandmother sailed the same course, only in reverse when she her husband determined the trip across country would be too dangerous....she arrived in San Francisco in 1850. Of course, she traveled by land across the 82-kilometer (52 mile) isthmus then, since building the canal did not start until 1881.

The ship leaves from Los Angeles on May 6, 2013 and now is a perfect time to begin planning for this trip. You can start the process by contacting Maria directly by email at mdemarco at sbcglobal.net or calling her at 1-(888) 797-2956.

What fun this trip will be...