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November Vacations in Nuevo Vallarta

November 9, 2012

We arrived in Nuevo Vallarta on November 3 for a two week vacation, full of expectations and excitement.
No, the construction going on around us was not a surprise because members of Aimfair like the Crandels, Gary III, Mark, Glen, Paul, Adie, Actionslax, Ron, Linda, Dave and the many comments on the Owners Forum have contributed their thoughts and photos to keep us all up to date. As an aside, many other members keep us updated with changes taking place at Riviera Maya and the other locations as well. The bottom line is we are all very lucky because of fellow Aimfair member's updates.
Five days after we arrived, and after reflecting on our many conversations with guests and reviewing photos we have taken, it became clearer that working and vacationing can be symbiotic. The photo that clearly makes that connection is the following:
Construction and Vacationers - Nov 4 2013

Its not that the photo is perfect, because it is not by any means. Rather, the juxtaposition is striking. On the left, a very large front end loader is deepening a new holding pond, which is part of the new waterway that surrounds the Punta pool area. On the right, an exercise class is under way in the pool nearest the construction site.
Clearly, this is one example that works. On the other hand, the north side decks of Grand Luxxe Towers II and III A are treated to the sound of trucks and graders moving back and forth as they move dirt and change the landscape. The difference? The sound has no place to go. The result? Amplified noise.
Sanctuario and Train from 8th floor GL III - Nov 8 2012

Note: We caught the train by accident. Click on the photo to expand it. Pretty much fun....
It is about 7:45 AM now, and we see people walking the new pathways, seeking their lounges for the day, moving on the beach and generally starting their next day of vacation. Soon, at about 8:00 AM, the many crews will start their work. There is much to do (or not, depending on your interests) and there is a new day to enjoy. Both we vacationers and the workers, who are making improvements to properties we enjoy are making the best of the circumstances at hand.
In the end, we are all very lucky to have access to beautiful and changing properties. As an Aimfair member wrote yesterday: "As the French say...plus ça change, plus ç’est la meme chose!!" Translation: The more things change, the more they stay the same.