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It is Time for Another Aimfair Gathering in Nuevo Vallarta

November 1, 2012

In November, 2010, we enjoyed the company of over 50 people on two occasions in the outside lobby of the Grand Luxxe Tower I on the.. first Monday and in the Reflection Pond area near the bar next to the Blue Fish restaurant on the second Monday.
Several of those wonderful people we met are in town again this year and thought it would be fun to "strike up the band" again.
So, here is our notice to anyone in Nuevo Vallarta, who would like to meet other members of Aimfair to say hello and get acquainted. It will start at the beginning of Happy Hour (4PM, Monday, November 5 and 12) at the seating area to the right of the Grand Luxxe I Pool Bar and last for about an hour.
Betty tells us there are chairs to sit in and lots of shade.
It will be very informal. Just show up and start conversing. It will be lots of fun.
See you then. Oh, if you can't make this Monday, then let's try next Monday..