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The Human Side of the Timeshare Business

January 31, 2013

One whole month has passed since our last post, when we said good bye to 2012 and hello to 2013.

It certainly has been an interesting month, for sure. Most of the discussions are about change in Neuvo Vallarta. Pools, walkways and waterways are changing. The Santuario now offers music in the evening. The sales department is active. Concierge shifts have changed. The Si Cafe kitchen is now below seven Jacuzzi pools. Yes, the company has been very busy completing projects they set out to finish.

It is busy behind the scenes too.

A fellow Grand Luxxe member wanted to share his recent experience with the Accounting Department to show how far company employees go to better serve their clients. Here is his story:
I wanted to share a nice experience with everyone.

We purchased additional weeks while at Nuevo Vallarta over New Years. We weren't planning to upgrade on this trip, and didn't bring our credit cards with us to the update presentation; however, we did have a personal cheque from our Canadian bank with us (we spell "check" as "cheque" in Canada). Rather than return to our room to obtain our credit card, our Vida sales rep said that it shouldn't be a problem to cash a cheque in Mexico drawn from a Canadian bank.

After three weeks, I noticed that the cheque had not been cashed, and I left a message with the Vida accounting department. Ernesto from Vida sales called me back and said that they were holding onto our cheque as they weren't sure if the funds were in Canadian or U.S. Dollars.

Long story short, we agreed that I would pay via credit card and that Vida would destroy our cheque. I called the accounting department back as per Ernesto's instructions, and offered to pay via credit card. I was impressed that the Accounting Dept would not accept my credit card payment until they tracked down our cheque, which had now gone missing.

I received a call back two days later from Mayra in Vida Accounting, who stated that they found our cheque, and that Vida would void the cheque immediately after we paid via credit card. Soon after I gave Mayra our credit card details, I received an email from her with a scanned copy of our cheque market void, and the credit card receipt.

Although Pat and I already thought very highly of Vida, we feel even more trusting of Vida after this nice experience.


Nino and Pat
Our takeaway from Nino and Pat's experience is company employees work as hard behind the scenes to be certain they can provide guests/clients with exceptional, trusted service. It is a great way to start the year, don't you think?
Thank you Nino and Pat for letting us know about your experience.