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The Not So Human Side of the Timeshare Business

February 1, 2013

Steve is an enterprising and busy dentist. He has what appears to be a very successful practice. We bring this to your attention because he took time out of his busy schedule to send us his experience with Exclusive Event Services.

The scenario is familiar. He receives a call, caller has a deal that is terrific, caller sends contract, Steve takes contract to lawyer, lawyer says looks to good to be true and advises "Do Not Fax Anything".

It is what Steve does next that we so appreciate: He starts playing by his rules.

The bottom line:
  • Don't take cold calls from timeshare sales people.
  • Don't FAX anything.
  • Do send parcels by certified mail.
  • Don't send money! (We added that one.)
You can read what Steve shared with us by following this link: Exclusive Event Services.
Thank you Steve, hopefully you saved someone a lot of money!