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Advance Fee Fraud - On The Rise

August 21, 2013

A Grand Luxxe owner contacted us with a question. Have you heard of this offer? He described it in his email to us, which you can see by following this link: Skylar Vacation Services - Possible Scam

The story line is a buyer wants to gain access to ownership in Grupo Vidanta's Costa Rica property by buying up Grand Luxxe contracts. He will pay $168,000 for the contract. But, the seller must agree to pay a commission of 8%.

On and on. The money is a grabber. Who wouldn't sell a contract for $168,000?

Maybe we would be willing to sell, but no one is going to buy.
The only thing the solicitors want is their commission. The only way to get their commission is for sellers to pay it before the transaction closes.

We have recently seen a number of members ask questions and actually pay money. They are terribly disappointed because they put their trust in the person who was trying to get their money.

Trust must be earned! Strangers cannot earn trust through telephone conversations.

Remember, the solicitors earn a commission on every penny unsuspecting victims pay them. There is no remorse, no feeling of ill will, no feeling of doing anything wrong. The party sending the money did it of his or her own free will.

Take to heart the warning Grupo Vidanta issued today: Beware of Unauthorized Payment Channels.
Use your weeks and have fun with them. A quick buck is not in your future!