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Cirque du Soleil - In The News Again

September 3, 2013

A couple of years ago, excitement was extreme! Cirque du Soleil would occupy a theater on the eastern edge of Grupo Vidanta's property at Neuvo Vallarta. The theater was to be built in a development called "Celebration", which was to be a significant development for public access and use.

That was yesterday. Today, Barbara Anderson wrote in her Milenio column called "Nothing Personal, Just Business" http://www.milenio.com/cdb/doc/impreso/9190458 an article entitled "Daniel Chavez and Cirque du Soleil theater in the Riviera Maya".

The highlights of the article corroborate what we heard from our latest Aimfair Member update, in which he said a theater for Cirque du Soliel was under construction across the highway from Grupo Vidanta's property at Riviera Maya and it might open in November, 2014. The theater will have 250 VIP seats for dinner and the show plus 250 traditional theater seats. According to Mr. Moran, the theater will be configured to expand by an additional 500 seats in the event demand exceeds the initial seating design.

It makes sense because the highway provides easy access to the facility by the general public. Also, the theater is easier to build there than in Nuevo Vallarta for a number possible reasons.

Barbara claims the theater will cost approximately $20 million and be owned outright by Grupo Vidanta. She goes on to say it will be the first theater in Mexico that will be designed for permanent Cirque du Soleil productions.

Grupo Vidanta is one of Mexico's premier resort developers and operators, and guests of the resorts contribute approximately $600 million to the Mexican economy. Mr. Chavez says two other permanent locations for Cirque du Soleil productions are under consideration.

Very interesting indeed!
Stay tuned....