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Scam Season - Does Not Look Like Its Over....

June 5, 2014

Just when we thought cold calling sales people reaching out to troll for interested sellers or renters of weeks at the Grupo Vidanta and other resorts had gone away, members, non-members and we ourselves have received more new calls.

In fact, the reason for this post is the fact that a caller from MINNE Realty Services Inc has just now called twice within five minutes. The number the caller used was 952 679 1253. MINNE Realty Services Inc is alleged company that owns this number. However, as is true in many suspicious cases, we can't confirm that the call came from the address listed on the website. Today's call is from Chaska, MN. Yesterday, the same number called from Wachonia, MN. Both are 15 to 20 miles from the address stated on www.minnerealty.com, which is supposedly the website for MINNE Realty Services Inc.

Just what am I talking about? MINNE Realty Services Inc is listed in the Minnesota Secretary of State's records as a company in good standing. The address for the company in good standing does not match the address listed on a website called www.minnerealty.com, which calls itself MINNE Realty Services Inc. The website contains information that leads the reader to believe the company is a real estate company with agents and brokers. Yet, the company is not listed in the Minnesota Department of Commerce Real Estate records. Confusing? You bet! Just how scam sales people like it!

These alleged companies do not waste any time. You can check out our post that describes MINN Realty Services Inc by following this link: MINNE Realty Services Inc

If any of you play bridge, you will know the word ALERT. It is a word that brings to other players' attention to be aware. It is a perfect word for us to use here too!
Remember, only YOU can write the check....be ALERT!!!