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Soooo....Who's Looking At Aimfair.com?

June 9, 2014

A call came in. It was from something called MINNE Realty Services Inc. We checked it out and found suspicious circumstances. You can read about them by tapping this link.

OK. So we received a call. We did not answer the call because we did not recognize the telephone number. We checked it out and found the telephone number was not located at the address that appeared in the promotional website.

So what!...you may ask.

Well, interestingly enough, today, Aimfair was viewed 6 times by individuals from Monterrey and Leon, Mexico.

What does this mean? We have no idea.

What it could mean, however, is someone or some group could be watching Aimfair for content it posts about possible scams. We hope it is the good guys....

Remember - only YOU can write the check!