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BeachWalkerBob - Advertising Aimfair in Riviera Maya

August 16, 2014

BeachWalkerBob is a regular contributor to Aimfair and has been since we started this website in 2008. His comments and photos are geared to keeping Aimfair members informed about the goings on in Riviera Maya.

His wife, Christina and he are wonderful supporters of Aimfair. "Let's get some hats or tee shirts or beach bags with the Aimfair logo..." they have suggested. Well, here is their newest idea:

BeachWalkerBob Advertising Aimfair Ad

Here is what he had to say:
Hi Bob,

We just returned from 2 weeks at the GL RM. Here is a photo of the two belly boards that we leave with the Concierge at the GL Pool in Riviera Maya nightly and when we depart the resort at the end of our stay. While there, we keep the boards on the beach at our Palapa Number 5, right in front of the main entrance to the beach from the GL pool. They can be seen by nearly everyone who walks down to the beach. This should increase the number of GL people that know about Aimfair. I told her that she can let other people use the belly boards until we return in October. That will let a lot of people see the Aimfair.com that I wrote on them with a felt pencil. When they are not being used, they are leaning against the back of the Concierge office by the main Grand Luxxe pool and the Burger Custom Made, advertising Aimfair to people who visit the Concierge desk. When GL Management sees the Aimfair on the boards, they may turn them around so the plain black bottom shows. It will be fun to see what happens for the next 3 months with this cheap advertising. Watch for an increase in hits from people looking at the RM location. The boards only cost us $6 each at a local dollar store, so it is a really inexpensive way to get Aimfair on the beach.

I took lots of photos this trip of the RM property showing the status of projects under construction. I will edit and post ASAP.

My wife thinks I am nuts.


Thank you BeachWalkerBob.....your advertising prowess is second to none. We will keep you updated with the success of your efforts.
Who said Aimfair Members don't have fun....!!