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Our Electronic World - Aimfair And Its Viewers

August 21, 2014

Aimfair is but another series of 0's and 1's in the electronic fabric to which we have become accustomed and dependent upon. It really is amazing to think that all those seemingly random digits floating around in the air and through wires make any sense at all.

It really is cool, to use the vernacular of our day. Photos, videos, words and telephone messages converting to text are today's norm.

Little did we know in 2008 when we started Aimfair that we would be as entrenched in this electronic world as we are. Viruses are all around us. Hackers want access to everything electronic. Attacks of all kinds secretly try to bring down the weakest sites. AdWare programs want to watch our every move. Simply amazing!

Mary Ann and I are very fortunate for a number of reasons. We have a wonderful community of like minded friends and neighbors in Aimfair. Everyone contributes in their own way in a respectful manner. Viewers come and go. And equally important, we have a team of experts looking after the 1's and 0's to make sure our members and viewers can stay connected.

Today, we anticipated upgrading our operating system to a more up to date and protected system. The site was down while we worked through a few networking issues that stood in the way of a smooth upgrade. Many of you noticed that we were not online and a few were kind enough to be certain we knew the site was down.

Ours is a sophisticated platform with a strong foundation for future growth. We can't mention often enough how grateful we are to have Rodrigo as our administrator and the team behind TikiWiki that keeps us going.

Next week we will be performing the second phase of our upgrade process. Please be patient with us if you notice that the site is unavailable. It is all on purpose and we hope to have the upgrade proceed in a smooth manner.

But, when all those 1's and 0's move around as fast as they do, there is a chance something could prolong Aimfair's return to active duty. If so, please rest assured that it will be back in good order and stronger than ever.
Again, thank you all for you continuing support and confidence in Aimfair.com.