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May 16, 2017

Aimfair members have been remarkable sources of information. Scott and Sue returned from a visit to Nuevo Vallarta on June 13, 2010 and sent us a note describing what they learned during their stay.

June 13, 2010

Scott and Sue just returned from their vacation at the Nuevo Vallarta...

Grand Luxxe Tower I. Their comments include items we have not read before. Very complete and interesting. Lots of construction is taking place. Luxxe III, IV and V are underway. Luxxe VI may be coming online soon, if it is not already started.

We need to give Scott and Sue a resounding Hi Five. Following are their comments:

My wife and I (we are owners) just returned from the Grand Luxxe N.V. on Friday.

We stayed at Tower I; Tower II is set to open in November, it has 8 rooms (two of the smaller rooms in the center) per floor or 64 for the building - eight floors (Tower I has 54 rooms - nine floors). Tower III (at the end of the point is up to the first floor; I was told that this might be shorter than the other towers - this is where those with a 4 week ownership will stay). Tower IV and V are also under construction (they are to the northeast of Tower II, and will overlook the river and the bay--pretty far back), with the first floor done on the first and the foundation on the second. It was said that a 6th Luxxe tower would also be built; this would give total Luxxe capacity at N.V in the 320 to 370 range.

Towers III, IV, and V probably will not likely be done for 12 months (we were told summer 2011), depending on where the company puts their efforts. The Bliss Tower is also due to be done in November.

The area is a massive building site, at a cost of $200 Million we were told. The River Town (with shops and restaurants) will not be complete for 18 months. Cirque Du Soleil will have a performing building in that area.

Total capacity for N.V. will then be about 350 Luxxe, 430 Grand Mayans, 200 Mayans, and the Sea Garden. The Grand Luxxe Cancun (Riviera Maya) is due to open in November 2010, with 105 rooms (total capacity is unknown). A special Luxxe resort, 15 miles north of the current Grand Mayan at Cabo, will open sometime (two years??).

The next new resort to open will be Costa Rica (over a year away). The company also owns two properties in Hawaii and two properties in Cuba - I have heard about these before (Cuba now has a policy to let developers build new resorts - Mexican ownership could do it anytime). This info was provided by the sales staff and I talked to as many other employees as I could. Feel free to use this info on the website; write with any questions. Scott

Thanks Scott and Sue. We did not know Luxxe II would be 8 floors rather than 9. Also, it is interesting to us that Luxxe III will be shorter than Luxxe I. Sounds as though there is some great planning going on. Lots of construction.

Thank you from everyone, Scott and Sue, we appreciate you thinking of us all....

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What is fascinating about this post are the references to Cirque du Soleil, the building on the point (The Punta) described as where owners of four weeks will stay, the new resort 15 miles north of San Jose del Cabo (East Cape), and the towers along the Ameca River. The Sales Department was discussing these items and others seven years ago.
The point is we all hear many predictions about future plans, and often times we discard them because they do not seem possible. Also, many predictions are interspersed with plans that change, so determining which are going to come to fruition and which don't is the challenge. Regardless, based upon Scott and Sue's note, it takes a long time to see results. In addition, there is always disruption on the way because nothing happens instantly and overnight. We can now look back and say to ourselves, yes we heard about these plans but knew there would be changes. And indeed there were....very close to what Scott and Sue reported in their note.
After seven years, we see some predictions become reality. What will the next seven years bring....? We will all....Stay Tuned...