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Say "Hello" To Gita - A Robot Carrier

August 22, 2017

Imagine....you are on the fourth floor of Tower Two in Nuevo Vallarta, coffee has been served and the day is well on its way. As you leave your unit to enjoy your vacation doing what ever pleases you, you leave a card on the outside door handle of your unit. "Ready to be cleaned" is what the card says.

But, the card is unique. It has an electronic sensor that sends a message to Gita to join her human partner to clean the unit that just sent the notice. Gita and her partner receive a number of messages, indicating that all the units on a given floor are ready for cleaning.

Off they go. Gita follows her partner and memorizes the route. Gita's partner opens the first door, and both enter the unit. Towels are on the floor ready to be replaced by clean ones. The soiled towels are then given to Gita, who stores them in a hopper. The hopper is large enough for all the towels in the units on any floor.

When Gita is full, off she goes to the service area on the floor she's working on. When she arrives, she empties her cargo of soiled towels and heads back to pick up another load.

Gita and her sibling - complements of HotelsMag.com
Gita and her sibling - complements of HotelsMag.com

Well this scenario is speculation and distant at best. But, the concept of robotics in the hospitality industry may not be.

Just think how technology impacts all of our lives today. Do you remember what you were doing in July, 1976. That was only 41 years ago, and that was the first time an Apple computer was offered for sale for $666.66.

First Advertisement for Apple Computer - July, 1976 (Quora.com)
First Advertisement for Apple Computer - July, 1976 (Quora.com)

If you are interested in learning more, just tap the following link to HotelsMag.com: My new BFF is a robotic schlepper!

To bring us all to the same point, consider that Grupo Mayan Resorts began operations in 1975 with its first property called Pariso Mazatlan. You can read that post here: Mayan Palace
What fun...speculation, reflection and enjoying the ride....