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Thanks to our Members

January 16, 2011

Thanks to all for your Aimfair.com member feedback regarding User Name and the "1" item when paying with PayPal.

When completing the PayPal form, the User Name we are asking for is your Aimfair.com User Name for authentication purposes.

Also, the number "1" item refers to the number of subscription periods (i.e.) one year (365 days).

As long as we are on business matters, today marks the one month anniversary for our new platform. We are very pleased with everyone's acceptance of our transition and continued support. We thank you all for that.

For those of you who have forgotten about the need to Subscribe during our trial period, you may notice that your account has changed from a Subscribing Member account to a Registered Member account. You can easily change this by submitting payment through PayPal or by check.

Please note that our bank charges $25 to process a personal check that is not in US dollars and from a non-US bank. So, please make your payment through PayPal or send us a US Money order or Certified Check in USD. Most likely it is easier to establish a PayPal account.

We are all learning about the features offered through our new platform, especially yours truly! Therefore, please be patient as we move through issues of navigation and improved interaction.

One question that frequently arises has to do with the Forum. When replying to a post, what is your preference?
  1. A reply box that does not repeat the original post? In this case, you can refer to all or a part of the original post to which you are replying.


  2. Leaving the reply box the way it is.

Our goal is ease of use. Let us know by making your comments on the Forum under the topic of Forum Preferences.

Finally, many Aimfair.com members are leaving the snow and ice for their vacations in the sun by the beach. Some have volunteered to keep us updated with the progress at their destination resorts. We look forward to their photos and comments. As a reminder, the Let's Get Together pages are active. You too can participate by following this link to the Calendar item on the Members Bar (Orange bar).

Happy traveling.