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Mecca Management Strikes Again.....

March 13, 2011

Mecca Management Consultants is in the news again. The news is news from a member who has lost $35,000. He sent us the following:

My wife and I are recent victims of these unscrupulous and fraudulent companies.

A Scott Case from Mecca Management Consultants called us and offered to sell our Grande Luxxe timeshare for $180,000 US.

We were desperate and fell for their sales pitch. They then asked for monies upfront and we fell into the trap deeper.

Unfortunately we did all that they asked and sent them monies to complete the transaction. They assured us, even in writing, that we would get all those monies back plus the proceeds of the timeshare sale.

We are ashamed and embarrassed to say we are now out $35,000.00 CDN.

We are at a total loss as to what to do. Any suggestions?

We responded and asked a few questions. The return email is as follows:

The fact is that now we can't even contact them because they did/do business via VOIP and the phone numbers we had communicated with them in the past aren't even local numbers. From what I can gather, they are in Mexico...that's where we transferred a lot of the funds we provided them.

I do not have any more cash to put out for a lawyer but if one could be found who would take the case 'pro bono', then we would be very interested, especially if it helped others in the same situation.

And YES, by all means, go ahead and post on Aimfair. We are most interested in helping others so this won't happen to them.

Thank you again.

We can all learn from our fellow member's experience. The Timeshare Industry is full of scams, which is no different from many other industries in today's economy.

Bottom line is if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!!