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Generosity Should Not Go Unnoticed

March 11, 2011

The Grand Luxxe amenities include rounds of golf. Grand Bliss members receive these amenities too. However, not all new Grand Luxxe and Grand Bliss owners play golf. The question becomes what to do with the extra rounds of golf.

Well, some of the owners on the Forum have come up with ways to actually give their rounds of golf to other guests who are also staying at one of the resorts at the same time. The process seems to be tested and the net results are happy travelers. Generous gestures all.

In fact the spirit of generosity can be seen in other ways too. Some are very tangible and may become surprises to the recipients.

We are speaking of the opportunity new members have to place in writing the name of a referring member as the person who should get a referral credit. This credit is the value of the maintenance fee for one of the recipient's weeks.

People who go out of their way to provide a benefit that would otherwise go unused are truly generous and thinking of others. It is nice to see this community is made up of individuals who feel this way and follow their feelings up with actions.

Congratulations to all who are givers and all who are recipients.