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Stay Alert - Not All Is As It Seems

March 24, 2011

One of our objectives is to Connect and Exchange information and experiences with each other. That is the fun part of sharing.

Another objective is to provide alerts when they arise.

During the past several months, we have seen an increase in "Scam Chatter". One of our members sent us a notice he received from a person who was posing as an employee of Mayan Resorts. The last of this wave of alerts is an open letter from Steve Kaufer, Co-Founder and CEO of TripAdvisor, which he sent to all TripAdvisor members today. You can read their comments and others in our expanding Timesharing section under the heading of Solicitations

Timesharing is important to many of us. It is to us, for sure and this section will become the soap box where we will make comments about Possible Scams, Solicitations, Valuations, Differences between timeshares and other forms of split ownership, and Sales Tactics.

Many of you have already read about the Possible Scams that we are confronting more frequently, it seems. Now we are adding comments about the breaches of privacy and increased number solicitations that come from these breaches.

Unfortunately this activity is a fact of life as we Baby Boomers leave the work force and focus on spending time in the beautiful surroundings that we all enjoy. It does not have to be feared....because we have each other and a way to stay in close touch.

Now back to the fun stuff....thank you for the floor plan. Three bedrooms offer lots of space and appear to be outstanding!

And, thank you, Tim and Susie for the comprehensive views of the Nayar Golf course.

We all appreciate seeing what you have to share....