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March 29, 2011

During the past several days, we have received word from two viewers alerting us all to the existence of a new forum called Grupo Mayan Forums sponsored by Grupo Vidanta and hosted by Rose. Mike told us that Rose monitors the TUG forum and frequently answers questions as a resort representative. Deb provided us with the forum address and suggested we all might gain from using the company forum.

We feel it is terrific to see the Grupo Vidanta organization become more interactive with viewers and members. We support the movement and feel the information will be filtered enough to be accurate. This will give comfort to everyone who wants information that is not speculative. Information found on Aimfair.com may be speculative in many ways because our members are not affiliated with Grupo Vidanta except as owners of right to use contracts.

Our objective is to enable communication. The more we learn from the source, the greater the trust we will have in the source. We all know that Grupo Vidanta is working hard to become a better communicating organization.

Thanks Mike and Deb for your contributions and information.