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April 10, 2011

Aimfair.com members are very generous! They keep us all informed through photos, posts on the Forum and videos.

However, working with electronic utilities, such as websites, the Internet, email, modems, and etc. is very challenging for us simple minded folks. We have to learn to use the tools that are available to us at the time we want to use them.

The nice thing is change often times leads to improvement. Improvements lead to better layouts and efficiencies.

Yet, there are still frustrations. Although we have a fairly automated upload process, Dave tried use it twice today and was unsuccessful. Linda in Seattle experienced similar challenges during her vacation. We did too when we stayed at the Grand Luxxe in Nuevo Vallarta. In fact, we learned a secret from one of the technicians - the strongest signal in Grand Luxxe Tower I is near the elevators. Sitting at the Concierge's table is a bit public, but it worked for us.

So, where is this going?

A couple of reminders and comments:
  1. Send us your photos and we can post them. Timeouts are more than frustrating because of the time wasted and to no avail.

  2. Understand that we need to use YouTube to post videos. Greg sent us nine terrific videos, which we have posted. You can view them by clicking here. We get an appreciation for all that is going on at Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico through these generous contributions. But please remember, we do need to post them through YouTube to be successful at sharing with everyone.

  3. We will be improving the way photos are shared. Credits will still be given to contributing members. We want to improve the process of uploading and posting so it is not nearly as frustrating.

  4. So much is going on at the Vida Vacation Club properties, that it is wonderful to see everyone committed to helping everyone to stay in touch with the changes.

Also, so much is going on at Vida Vacation Club too. In fact, Mr. Daniel Chavez Moran has become more open and now has at least three vehicles through which it seems he will communicate with us all:

So, times are changing and we are all in this together. Although challenging, we will continue to work hard at keeping information channels open so we can all stay up to date.

Thank you all for your continued participation and support...