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Please Thank Rigoberto Moreno - Professional Photographer

June 5, 2011

Rigoberto Moreno is a professional photographer who has created images used by a number of companies, including AHA Universo. We found references to his work through a blog posted by Sanjay Ganga, the V.P. of Sales and Marketing at IBSystems, the parent company of AECCafe.com and GISCafe.Com. AECCafe.com is an information portal that presents trends and concepts of architectural designs to followers of the portal. This link leads to a 1,500 room hotel concept in Beijing as an example of articles presented on the AECCafe.com portal.

Two of the articles presented through AECCafe.com featured the Grand Luxxe and the Grand Bliss resorts. We found that Rigoberto was the photographer, admired his work and asked permission to display his work on Aimfair.com. We received his permission so long as we provide the appropriate credits, which we are happy to do.

You can view Rigoberto's work through Rigoberto Moreno and Photos by Rigoberto Moreno. We are grateful for Rigoberto's contribution to Aimfair.com and hope you will enjoy his work as well.

Thank you Rigoberto...