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Comments From Our Grupo Vidanta Contact

July 26, 2011

We have said this many times over the past 2 plus years since we started this website…change is common place on Grupo Vidanta properties. Not that the changes are bad. Rather, a developer must make many interrelated decisions over time, and it takes time to implement them. Then, while a plan starts to take shape, conditions may change, which forces change in the plan. Consequently, it is hard to predict what the layout of any new property might be at any one time, because it may change drastically.

To keep up, we asked one of our Grupo Vidanta contacts if he could answer some of our questions. We have found that members of the Grupo Vidanta management team are reluctant to commit to firm answers about the final configuration of a development project until construction is complete and plants are in. Even then, there may be changes in the use of a structure after it is complete.

Additionally, many plans are confidential. They are confidential for a number of reasons, not the least of which is to avoid providing misinformation, which could lead to expectations that in the end may not be achievable. Building expectations and not meeting them is a lose - lose proposition.

Regardless, the fact that change is ever present does not keep us from trying to stay up to learn more. In fact, one of our contacts at Nuevo Vallarta has agreed to keep us posted to the extent he can.

Some of the questions we asked include which of the Sea Garden resorts are operating; what is the state of the demolition of the Mayan Palace at Nuevo Vallarta; what is the state of the construction that is taking place at Acapulco, La Jolla de Cortes and Riviera Maya and what will be the configuration of the newest Grand Luxxe buildings. You can read his responses in Current News.

Our contact has invited us to check in every now and then for updates. Let us know if you have any questions, and we will ask them. Send us an email with Questions in the Subject Bar to [email protected]

Stay Tuned….