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Changes Continue At Nuevo Vallarta

September 10, 2011

Kack is in Nuevo Vallarta as we speak. She has provided us all with ((views of the changes that are taking place at the Grupo Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico property.

We are particularly excited about Kack's photos because they provide a glimpse of what the easterly views will become. Why is that important? Because we now see how the first holes of the Nayar Golf course have evolved. We now see how the new building in front of the Grand Bliss is evolving. The lakes and foliage to the east is becoming a reality. Grand Luxxe Building IV is taking shape and appears to be following the format of Grand Luxxe Building III A and B. We see the Grand Luxxe Punta pools taking shape. The Grand Bliss and Bliss models are no longer on the beach. It appears the Mayan Palace reconstruction may be less dramatic than first believed. And, we see the building between the Grand Mayan and Grand Bliss buildings taking shape.

Lot's to see, lot's more to come and the properties are becoming quite stunning.

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Thank you Kack, and stay tuned....