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Are We Fractional Ownership Or Not....?

September 22, 2011

Fractional ownership is a form of timeshare. It's just that the fractions are a bit bigger than timeshare fractions. Months Vs. weeks. That sort of thing. Oh, yes, there is one other differentiation - many fractional ownerships offer residual interests, buybacks or outright ownership in properties.

Fractional ownership is one of five ways to buy prepaid vacations. The other forms of prepaid vacation ownership include timeshare interests, interests in Destination Clubs, interests in a Residence Club, or buying outright ownership in real estate.

Each has its benefits and negatives. Only the purchaser can really know what is most important to him or her.

Regardless of one's predisposition, industry leaders see trends that may change our perceptions of not only value, but also what we want from our vacations.

Recently, an organization called FractionalLife.com held a convention for developers and others interested in selling prepaid vacations. The convention was oriented toward fractional vacation ownership. At the conclusion of the convention, a panel of experts provided their predictions of future trends.

Although we Grand Luxxe members do not own fractional interests, there is intellectual interest in trends in Fractional Vacation Ownership because properties we have rights to use are owned outright by Grupo Vidanta, which is a consummate real estate developer.

Competition for new members is fierce! In our view, there will be more changes to the way vacation ownerships are sold and differences are likely to become even more fine. It appears developers offering fractional ownerships may lead the pack, but we feel it will extend to our developer as well. What do you think?

Here is an article. Enjoy comments made by George Sell, a Senior Editor of FractionalLife.com.