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Tis The Season To Scam.....

October 6, 2011

Yes, we did receive a call on Monday from a person who claimed to work for Luxury Resort Services, which is a company that does not seem to exist. The company's website is www.luxuryresort-services.com.

We called Grupo Vidanta to confirm our suspicions about the company and caller. No, Grupo Vidanta does not authorize any company to contact its members. No, Grupo Vidanta does not knowingly release member's confidential information to any unrelated company or individual.

This scam purports to buy Grand Luxxe contracts on behalf of Cemex. Cemex is one of the world's largest supplier of cement. Supposedly, Cemex buys contracts, writes them off for tax purposes and then allows their employees and customers to use the units. Sounds plausible, doesn't it?

ARDA (American Resort Development Association) has sent many warnings about scams in the industry. So has the Better Business Bureau. Articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal. And Grupo Vidanta has sent us all letters stating management's commitment to stopping the illegal release of member information.
Remember, you are not alone. Send information to Grupo Vidanta or here or to others you know who can get the word out about a possible scam heading our way.