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Open Letter From Grand Luxxe Residence Club

November 19, 2011

We received a request from the Grand Luxxe Residence Club asking us to post on the Aimfair.com website an open letter to Grand Luxxe members.

Of course we agreed to do so. Following is the letter:

We are aware that some of you have experienced inconveniences during our soft opening this week and we truly apologize for any shortcomings. Our resort staff has been working very hard day and night to make sure the new towers are up to our quality standards as soon as possible and that all our rooms are perfect for you. Additionally, we are taking significant steps to ensure all our guests have an incredible vacation experience at the brand new Grand Luxxe towers.

We sincerely appreciate all your feedback and we thank you for your patience during this very exciting growth within our organization. Despite any initial shortcomings on our behalf, we are certain the end result will be the vacation resort of your dreams. Our mission is to inspire generations of happiness, and we realize that can only happen when your vacation experience is perfect every time. Our staff is extremely excited to welcome you to these new towers.

We look forward to serving you,

Employees and Management of the Grand Luxxe Residence Club

With all the changes taking place and requirements to synchronize the completion of complex projects with demands for excellence made by guests, it is gratifying to see the Grand Luxxe Residence Club reach out to its members with this letter.

Demands and expectations run high. Sometimes, even the best laid plans result in something less than perfection. Taking responsibility and working hard to make things right for guests who experience less than perfect outcomes is what we expect from organizations that care about their customers.

We applaud management and staff of the Grand Luxxe Residence Club for making the effort to treat all of its members with respect and understanding.