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November 23, 2011


We arrived on the 14th of November and what did we see? Change! Mucho change. From the moment we first passed the entrance gate we noticed all the changes.

So, what did we see? From the entrance gate:
  1. The driving range was open.
  2. Lighted tennis courts just beyond the 250 yard marker at the end of the driving rage.
  3. The dirt hill that we saw grow last year is now invisible, covered by thick foliage.
  4. The Train Station/Reception building is huge and taking shape.
  5. Grand Luxxe Tower III A is painted and ready to go. We later learned the tower had its soft opening on Friday, November 11, 2011.
  6. Grand Luxxe Tower III B is not far behind.
  7. Grand Luxxe Tower IV A is about 4 floors and on the way up.
  8. Grand Luxxe Tower IV B is just leaving the ground.
  9. We turned left onto a new road before reaching the Grand Mayan and headed toward the new train station and the Grand Bliss on our way to the Mayan Palace. We learned then that the Mayan Palace is where we catch our next mode of transportation that will take us to the reception area of the Grand Luxxe. Again, foliage is beyond belief.
  10. On the golf cart and off we go, passing the Grand Luxxe Tower II on the left and to Grand Luxxe Tower I. We leave our luggage behind for our bellmen to take care of. As we reach the end of Grand Luxxe Tower II on the left, we come to a "T" in the road, which parallels the Ameca River. Turn left and off you go to Grand Luxxe Tower II and III A. Tower III B is not open. Turn Right and off you go to the Grand Luxxe Tower I and Grand Luxxe Punta. No walking on the road from the Mayan Palace, only golf carts.
  11. Entering the Grand Luxxe Tower I and the lobby is the same, except there is more furniture and floor coverings, the Bird of Paradise Sculpture (our name, we think) and the wall behind it changes colors from lights below and behind the sculpture and the piano is in the middle of the walkway from the reception area to the entrance to the pool area.
  12. The Grand Luxxe Punta is brimming. We learned it also had its soft opening on Friday, November 11, 2011.
So far we have not seen the other eight members of our family. We proceed to check in and try to take in all the sights, sounds, changes and fellow guests.

At about 6:30 PM, we catch up with our luggage, call our family and head off to the Grand Mayan where they are staying.

Stay tuned!!