The Estates 4 Bedroom Suite is a luxurious two story, four bedroom unit located in the first Estates Pod in Jalisco, Mexico.

Estates Four Bedroom Suites Are Open

May 26, 2021

Grupo Vidanta announced on May 26, 2021 that the Estates 4 Bedroom Suite is now open. This is a beautiful, luxurious accommodation that sleeps 12. It is majestic because of the high ceilings and two story configuration. It also features a large pool on the emense deck, and reports are the pool is heated.

The Grupo Vidanta announcement came as an email with a video, which appears below. Certainly it provides a wonderful, inviting feel. In fact the whole building appears to be something we all want to experience. Here is the video:

Another 4 Bedroom Estates floor plan will be available for owners and guests to enjoy in 2022. This is called the Empire 4 BR Estates, and it is a single floor, four bedroom unit that will be very popular because it does not have stairs. These will be located in the second pod that is now under construction. The following photo gives you a feel for this unit. Tap the photo to be taken to more photos.

Clearly, the Estates are beautiful, luxurious units that will provide a future full of wonderful memories.

The Estates in Nuevo Vallarta will be something to enjoy for years to come. Stay tuned...
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