The gondola stretches out to Park I. Kingdom of the Sun I is taking shape. There is a new roadway under construction in the foreground - the light brown area. This is the new road to a new bridge site or a new gondola site. It is not very deep there, as we saw men wading out to the middle of the river - waist deep. Stay tuned....

The Estates Today

April 13, 2021

Here we are on the roof of the Residence looking south east to south to south west. What a view!! And what a lot of beautiful changes!

First, looking east, the Kingdom of the Sun I and II are taking shape at the end of the gondola run. We have not taken the ride yet, and you will know when we do. A video or two will be forthcoming.

The most interesting feature of our first view is the difference between the first and second Estates Pod. Clearly there are no two story units in the second pod. Take a look at the video that appears below:

The view from the Residence Tower is striking. Just look at the gondola run and the new Estates pod. Progress, and guests are in the first pod now.

Estates Pod #2 does not have two story, four bedroom units. Also, there is a restaurant in the golf shop, which is the white building facing the driving range.

Pod #2 will have 18 four bedroom units. The floor plan for these appears to be called Empire Estates. Owners of the 4 BR Estates will have access to both floor plans.

More interesting structures appear on the right of the second pod. More on those later.

The Administration Building. Quite a structure devoted to the Estates.

Estates Jalisco - June, 2020: #1 - Pod #1; #2 - Pod #2 - Note how much narrower Pod #2 is than #1; #3 - Pools and amenities; #4 - Possible new consctruction site; #5 - Old driving range will now become part of the Estates amenity package.

Some Estates units are occupied now. We will be visiting a 1 BR on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 and will be reporting from there. The guest loves it and the people supporting the units. Stay tuned...
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