The Estates "Pod" is west of the highway in the jungle. Waiting for infrastructure.

The Estates 2 BR Suite as of September 17, 2020 - From Mike

November 1, 2020

Mike and his family were recently in Riviera Maya on vacation. He was given the opportunity to view the 4 Bedroom Estates unit as well as the 2 BR and 1 BR units.

The Estates 2 BR plus a connected 1 BR - creates a "3 BR Estates" configuration. In general, it looks as though the two bedroom unit is smaller than the Luxxe Villa Master Suite. Also, the deck space is minimal. In addition, the SPA 3 BR, which is the counter part to the Estates 3 BR, seems to be larger than the Estates 3 BR unit.

The first Estates building is the same in both Riviera Maya and Nuevo Vallarta. Here is a close up view of the building in Nuevo Vallarta:

The Estates building in Nuevo Vallarta - the 4 BR units are the end units.

The 2 BR units are next to the 4 BR units.

The 1 BR units are located closest to the center of the building.

Note: It appears there is one 4 BR unit and six 1 BR and 2 BR units on each side of the first Estates building. The other buildings may have different configurations. Please tap here to view the buildings under construction as of June, 2020.

Following are images of the 2 BR unit in Riviera Maya. Enjoy!!
Starting in the hallway and moving to the living area:

1. The entry hall looks toward the deck. You pass on the same side of the hall the third bathroom and second bedroom on the way toward the living area.

2. The second bedroom actually looks out over the living area. A noisy party would disturb anyone trying to sleep in the second bedroom.

3. The second bedroom has a good sized bath.

4. The entrance to the Master Bedroom is on the other side of the hall from the second bedroom.

5. The Master Bedroom looks out onto the dipping pool and deck.

6. The deck and dipping pool are quite small relatively speaking.

7. The Master Bedroom bath area.

8. The entrance hall desk.

9. The kitchen area.

10. Looking to the dining area from the living area. A sliding glass door opens to the dipping pool area.

11. The living area and opening to the second bedroom.

12. Looking from the living area to the hallway. The opening on the right looks into the second bedroom..

13. A view of the dipping pool from the dining area.

14. View from the 2 BR Estate into the 1 BR Estate. The combination of the 1 BR Estate with the 2 BR Estate makes the 3 BR Estate unit. Similar to the Punta.

These photos were taken in Riviera Maya in September, 2020. Since the Estates units in Nuevo Vallarta are similar to Riviera Maya, these photos are interchangeable. We hope to have an update in Nuevo Vallarta in December.

We now see how the Estates units look before they are finished. We get an idea of the scale and order of magnitude. It appears they may fall short of expectations because of the promises of luxury and superior amenities.
A loud round of applause goes out to Mike! Thank you for sharing your photos. Stay tuned....
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