The Estates "Pod" is west of the highway in the jungle. Waiting for infrastructure.

The Estates 4 BR Suite as of September 17, 2020 - From Mike

October 23, 2020

Mike and his family were recently in Riviera Maya on vacation. He was given the opportunity to view the 4 Bedroom Estates unit as well as the One and Two bedroom units also.

The photos of the 4 Bedroom unit were extacted from Mike's video. Clearly, the unit was not ready for occupancy at the time of the video. The unit is in the final stages of construction, so it won't be long before they can be occupied.

Photos of the Estates 2 BR and a glimps of the connected 1 BR - which makes up a "3 BR Estates" will be posted separately. There are fewer photos because the unit is smaller, more time was spent in the 4 BR. Stay tuned....

Note: Two 4 Bedroom units are side by side, and they occupay the ends of each of the Pod's three extremities. They are voluminous! The one and two bedroom units are much smaller and closer to the center of the Pod. Enjoy!!
Ground Floor Living Area:

Dining area in the living room looks out onto the spcious deck.

The dining table is to the left in this photo. You can get a sense of the size of the interior.

A second deck extends from the upstairs Master bedroom and overlooks the pool.

The pool is a dipping pool and good for children.

This photo shows the deck area that extends from the second bedroom on the ground floor to the front deck.

This view shows the living area from the second floor landing.

This is another view of the living area from the second floor landing.

The kitchen is a Pullman style kitchen, and the second bedroom on the ground floor is to the left of the kitchen.

Ground Floor: Master Bedroom is left of the Living Room deck and pool.

Entrance to the Master Bedroom.

The Master Bedroom.

The Master Bedroom.

The pool is just outside the Master Bedroom's sliding glass door.

Ground Floor: The second bedroom is left of the kitchen area.

Access the deck with the pool from this second bedroom on the main floor.

There are two sinks, a shower and a tub.

Second floor: Left side of the landing is the second Master Bedroom

At the landing on the second floor, the second Master bedroom is to the left.

This is the entry to the third bedroom, which could be the second Master bedroom.

The second Master has a deck that looks out over the pool below.

The second Master is the same size as the Master Bedroom, which is directly below the second Master.

This small seating area is outside the second Master Bedroom.

Second Floor: Right side of the landing is the fourth bedroom

Fourth bedroom.

Fourth bedroom.

Fourth bedroom.

There is small deck outside the fourth bedroom too.

These photos were taken in September, 2020. Unfortunately, we do not have similar photos from Nuevo Vallarta yet. Maybe soon.

Regardless, we now see how the 4 Bedroom Estates looks before it is finished. We get an idea of the scale and order of magnitude of the unit.
A loud round of applause goes out to Mike! Thank you for sharing your photos. Stay tuned....
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