The Estates development in Jalisco (Nuevo Vallarta) is to open soon. Some units are already occupied on a "Soft Opening" basis. Amenities are scheduled to be finished in June, 2021.

The Estates One and Two Bedroom Units - A Photo Review from Sam

April 4, 2021

The Estates development in Jalisco is likely to be associated with Puerto Vallarta rather than Nuevo Vallarta, even though they are just across the river from each other. It makes sense because the Puerto Vallarta International Airport is right next door. So, will future references to The Estates in Jalisco become The Estates in Puerto Vallarta? Who knows. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, Sam is in Nuevo Vallarta now and has shared photos of the Estates One and Two bedroom units with us. He also confirmed that the units do have ovens and dishwashers in the kitchens. Washer/Driers are said to be on each floor of the three story "Pod". That should be fine, since there are only four units in total on each floor, excluding the 4 BR Estates, which are on the ends of each Pod. Sam says the amenities, such as pools, restaurants, spas, gyms and other neighborhood features should be completed by June, 2021. So, it will not be long before Estates owners will be able to use facilities that they paid huge amounts of money to access.

Following are Sam's photos:
Estates Two Bedroom Suite

Estates Two Bedroom Living Area and Kitchen

Estates Two Bedroom Living Area and Kitchen

Estates Two Bedroom Living Area accessing the Estates One Bedroom Suite

Estates Two Bedroom Master Bedroom

Estates Two Bedroom master bath

Estates Two Bedroom second bedroom

Estates Two Bedroom second bedroom bath

Estates One Bedroom Suite

Estates One Bedroom Living Area and Kitchen

Estates One Bedroom kitchen area

Estates One Bedroom dipping pool outside the Master Bedroom

Estates One Bedroom bedroom area

Estates One Bedroom bath area

View from the second floor deck in Estates Pod #1

The view from the Estates second floor deck

View from Tower Six Royal Suite

The Estates Puerto Vallarta from a Tower Six deck

Thank you Sam. These are great photos, and they give us all a better understanding of the Estates 1 BR and 2 BR Suites. When these two are used together, they are considered a 3 BR Estates Suite. At least they are for now. Who knows, they may have a 3 BR Estates that does not have a lock off in the future. Stay Tuned....
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