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Timeshare Rentals = Test Drive The Best

June 13, 2012

How did we know what we wanted to buy? We used a unit that was owned by someone else.

"Test Driving" a resort by renting a unit for a week is a great way to determine if you like an area, property, developer and facility.

There are number of ways to do this. If you already own a timeshare, a fractional interest in a property, a fractional interest in a group of properties, a second home outright and are a member of an exchange, you can test drive literally thousands of resorts.

Since you are reading this post, you are interested in Mexico and Grupo Vidanta properties. Also, you are interested in learning more about what's available from members of Aimfair.com, because they list their excess weeks in the section called Rentals and Sales.

What's available today? Examples in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico include the opportunity to Test Drive:
If you have an interest in a specific time or resort or both, just send a note to us at [email protected] and we will try to find something for you.

Members of Aimfair.com stand ready as a trusted, reliable resource to allow you to Test Drive beautiful beach resorts in 7 major cities in Mexico. We hope your experience will be as enjoyable as ours was, and you will see the value of our offer to Test Drive our members' weeks to experience memorable vacations.