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Scammer Discussing His Profession With His Victim

February 19, 2013

Have you ever wondered what an identity thief would say to his victim?
Click Here to listen to the REAL Brett Jennings talk to the Identity Thief, who tells timeshare owners he is Brett Jennings - Title Clearance Service, San Jose, CA
The list of companies using this technique is getting longer by the minute. As the scammer says, he can sleep at night with feather pillows and warm blanket because he claims to have made $1 million so far.

Is he remorseful? No....he does not feel a thing. It is the people who send him money. He does not make them do it. Rather, they want to do it for their own reasons, which could include wanting out of their timeshare or wanting badly to make money from the sale of their timeshare.

Read the details by following this link: Empire Property Management / Title Clearance Service
We have heard of other Empire related names associated with possible scams. There are others too: Realty Power, S and J Stadler, Exclusive Event Services and Investment Choices are the most recent ones to cross our desk.

The folks who have shared this information want you to know about their experiences because they do not want you to fall into the trap!
  • Do not pay anything....demand all payments come from the proceeds of the sale!
  • Deliver all documents by certified receipt requested, not by FAX!
  • Do your due diligence!
  • If its too good to be true, then it likely is!
Read about these and other experiences at Possible Scams and SolicitationAlerts.
Thank you for sharing with us....keep your comments coming!