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How Do You Vacation?

June 13, 2015

Vacationing is a key activity of everyone's life. Are we all in agreement with that proposition? And when we vacation properly, we feel refreshed and invigorated. Isn't that right too?

That said, there is a wide range of activities that fall into the category of Vacationing and being refreshed and invigorated. Sometimes, the vacation does not pan out the way it was envisioned for any number of reasons. The result may be only partial satisfaction and not so much invigoration or relaxation.

Use of our weeks in Mexico has fulfilled our beachside vacationing goals in prior years. There has been so much going on, it was hard for us to not be invigorated about the progress made and visions of what the future has in store.

Other trips are different matters. These entail exploring places we have not been before and involve a lot of planning to get the most of them.

What brought these thoughts to mind is an article that appeared today entitled "5 Rules for Vacation that's Truly Worth it" in today's emails. Published in the Harvard Business Review, the article describes how for some people the distinction between work and vacationing is very small. These individuals love their job as much as they love vacationing and put the same amount of effort to achieve success in each activity.

Following are highlights of the rules put forth in the article:
  1. Move and exercise. The premise is our ancestors moved around all the time, and we should do the same.
  2. Find peaceful, beautiful surroundings. For us the beach offers the peace we seek. Mountain trails do too. Even the busy streets of Rome do as well. Its all in how you perceive your surroundings.
  3. Meet different, interesting people. That has happened since our first experience with Grupo Mayan resorts, as they were called in 2007 when we first entered the Mayan family. It has only expanded from there.
  4. Be willing to invest. The article points out that quality vacations are one of the highest-return investments one can make.
  5. Plan properly. Seamless reservation from airfare to restaurants to tours and guides to auto rentals makes the entire process enjoyable. In addition, vacation time becomes so much more productive and allows for more time to embrace the moments. Finally, planning and preparation can be fun.
The article is interesting and presents good ideas for becoming a productive vacationer. View the article by tapping the following link: 5 Rules for a Vacation thats Truly Worth it
Success at your work leads to successful vacations - love both to achieve fulfillment!