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Ask and Ye Shall Receive.....

February 27, 2011

About five days or so ago, we announced that Members were restless. They want updates, photos and information.

Well, there were many out there who were listening. Charles provided us with photos of the properties and excursions. Bud and Lori sent in photos of their excursions to Punta Mita, San Sebastian, El Tuito and Mismaloya. Sherm, Don and MJ and Dennis provided us with construction updates for and reviews of the Grand Luxxe at Riviera Maya. Steve provided us with an update of the Bliss Resorts. Finally, tonight, Linda sent us an update from Nuevo Vallarta.

Bottom line is there is much going on at the Vida Vacation Club (Grupo Vidanta) properties.

Steve and other Bliss Members are disappointed that the Bliss Resorts will not be built in the near future. According to Linda in Seattle (in Nuevo right now), based upon the statements made in the members update, it is unlikely that the Bliss Resorts will be built any time soon because there is no demand for the product.

On the other hand, the number of Grand Luxxe members is increasing. According to information passed along to Linda, Vida Vacation Club has sold about 4,500 2 BR Grand Luxxe Villa weeks and 3,600 Grand Luxxe 2 BR units to date. This explains why reservations are difficult to get during the most popular dates.

But, from what we hear, Grand Luxxe Building Two in Riviera Maya may open in late 2011 and two more Grand Luxxe buildings in Nuevo Vallart could open in 2012.

All of this is going on during a very difficult economic period throughout the world and during a period when there is so much uncertainty in Mexico.

We are looking ahead to many years of enjoyable use of the Vidanta properties as they expand on current properties and expand into new areas. The key from our point of view is to keep information flowing, so we can all vicariously participate in the trips each of us share with each other.