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Its Thanksgiving In The US Today

November 24, 2011

Sitting on our deck overlooking Puerto Vallarta in the distance and the bird sanctuary below (We are on the south side of Grand Luxxe Tower I), we started talking about when we first became acquainted with Grupo Vidanta in 2007, when the organization was called Grupo Mayan. We participated in a sales presentation in December that year, because we determined that our Penthouse unit at Paradise Village was becoming too small for our growing family. Our question was could we switch our units from Paradise Village to units on the Grand Mayan property.

Little did we know that our decision to purchase a contract giving us the rights to use a Grand Luxxe Villa Master Suite would turn out so well. Our purchase was pre-construction, based upon promises to perform by a company that we knew nothing about. The description of the Grand Luxxe Villa Master Suite was on a Xerox copy. Contracts were for a Grand Mayan. Wow! Did we have faith!

Little did we know that our faith would pay off as well as it has. We bought because The Grand Luxxe offered the space we needed, the Grand Mayan and Mayan Palace properties were so well maintained and the employees were crisply dressed and eager to please. After we bought our contract, we returned to the Paradise Village to review our contracts and discuss what we had done with our astonished children.

But today, the last four of twelve family members left for home. Each of the three families had their own unit in the Grand Mayan. Fourteen of us had six dinners in house at the Grand Luxxe, plus we thoroughly enjoyed the Mexican Fiesta. Nothing better than seeing six children between the ages of seven and two and a half glued to the stage, listening to the music and watching the dancing.

Yes, every one of the fourteen of us was thankful for being able to enjoy our experience together in good health. It happens every other year, and all are looking forward to 2013. The children will be older, their parents will have more time to enjoy the beach and other activities, and the two of us will be fortunate enough to watch the Vidanta properties grow and evolve, just as our grand children will over the next two years.

So, yes, we have lots to be thankful for and about. Very fitting that we conclude our time with our children and grand children on Thanksgiving Day!

To good health and wonderful times together....