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Grand Luxxe Punta Pools - Open Today

December 11, 2011

Another opening today: The Grand Luxxe Punta Pools

The Grand Luxxe Punta pools open to all Grand Luxxe Residence Club members today. Wow! Just think. At about 8 AM Nuevo Time, Russ was heading out to become one of the first to use the new Grand Luxxe Punta swimming pools.

By now (9:07 AM PST and 11:07 CST in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, the pristine pools in the photos below will be filled with Grand Luxxe Residence Club members. No Lazy River or Wave Pool, but certainly a beautiful place to enjoy your vacation. Also, guess what....no more noise! biggrin

November 16 - November 26, 2011

Three pools make up the Punta Pools - North, West and South. This view is the North Pool.
The West Pool is the largest of the three. This is the pool owners of Presidential Villa units in the Punta feel should be restricted to owners in the Punta building.
This pool is the South Pool and is closest to the Ameca River. It is also the closest pool to the beach deck, with lounges that face west and south west to Puerto Vallarta.

What about the massive lobby? Yes, it probably will open today too, we would guess. Hamburgers and fries - the order of the day. Bet there will be fish too, at least there should be. Maybe someone can advise. smile

November 18, 2011

November 28, 2011

The Grand Luxxe Punta Pools at the Grupo Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta property will be available to all Grand Luxxe vacationers, at least for the time being. The lobby hosts a bar and make your own hamburger bar.

We all have much to look forward to as the Grupo Vidanta property at Nuevo Vallarta continues on its path to completion.

What Fun! Stay Tuned...