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Happy Birthday....It Has Been One Year

December 16, 2011

Yes, it was one year ago on December 16, 2010 when Aimfair.com introduced its upgraded website platform to address the needs and wishes of its viewers. So, it is sort of a birthday, don't you think?

We are proud of the new platform. Although we continue to learn, we are pleased that we can now "scale" as required by our viewer demands. It was GaryIII who said, he was concerned that there would be so much information that the original site would implode. Well, he was right! Which is why we took the initiative to change.

Change is a big part of our Grand Luxxe Residence Club member lives. We members are demanding yet flexible. Yes, we expect to be treated with respect because we are the reason so much emphasis is placed upon the Grand Luxxe Residence Club brand. And yes, we understand for the most part the issue of synchronizing demand for units with supply of units.

Just consider the changes that have taken place at the Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Maya and Acapulco properties. And, consider when the changes took place, between 2008 and 2011. There were many challenges during these years, for sure!

You may be interested in seeing some of these changes. Have a look at our Happy Birthday Page. Note, the page is a work in process. It will take some time to incorporate many of the photos our members have contributed since 2008.

Oh yes, there is one other business matter. We have entered the second year, which means many Aimfair members will be renewing their membership. After 365 days, the year starts again. Click here to process your renewal. We will be sending emails to everyone as a reminder to renew. Unfortunately for us (because it would be easier), we do not believe in automatic renewals.

Our birthday celebration will take the form of providing an historical perspective of the Nuevo Vallarta and Riviera Maya properties since the end of 2008. Change is taking place in the other six properties too, but maybe the change is not yet as dramatic...yet.

Stay tuned....and a big thank you for your continuing support.