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Sea Garden Hotels (Resorts) is one of the early brands offered by Grupo Mayan Resorts. According to WikiBin, Grupo Mayan Resorts began operations in 1975 with its first property called Pariso Mazatlan. A second property followed in 1979, which was called Pariso del Mar, also located in Mazatlan. In 1984, the then fledgling Grupo Mayan Resorts inaugurated its third property in Mazatlan, which the company called Costa Brava Hotel (Brave Coast Hotel). This hotel is located only a short walk from the Paraiso del Mar. Later, Costa Brava Hotel changed its name to Vidafel Mazatlan, which later was changed again to Sea Garden.

Sea Garden Resorts, now termed Sea Garden Hotels and Ocean Breeze Hotels, are located on four properties. Sea Garden Resort is the smallest of the Grupo Vidanta brands and caters to families who are looking for beautiful, beach side accommodations that offer economical vacations. Additionally, through the Ocean Breeze Hotel, members of other resorts may book stays of less than 7 days to travel during off peak times, which could result in reduced airfares.

In October, 2008 we learned through a fellow member that 1) Vedanta Capital Group owns the Grupo Mayan brands and 2) the Sea Garden is included in the brands owned by Vedanta Capital Group.

This was news to us especially since we purchased our Grand Luxxe units in December, 2007, had a meal at the Nuevo Vallarta Sea Garden and heard nothing of these events.

The Sea Garden Hotel / Ocean Breeze Hotel is an intimate facility that offers economy minded families a place to enjoy a beautiful beach and comfortable surroundings. It is also a place for members of the other resorts to lengthen their stay by a few days to take advantage of off peak airfare pricing.

You can get an impression of what each of the four locations is like by taking a virtual tour by viewing videos produced by RCI, which is one of the timeshare industry's largest exchange companies. The three Sea Garden videos were professionally produced by RCI.COM/RCITV and the Ocean Breeze video was professionally produced by the Ocean Breeze Hotel. All are quite informative. Enjoy!

Since the Sea Garden was originally an entry point brand offered by Grupo Vidanta and Mayan Resorts, many owners started with the Sea Garden and traded up as they felt the need to do so.

Based upon photos we have received from fellow members, Sea Garden units provide hotel like accommodations on beautiful properties.

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Note: All Sea Garden - Ocean Breeze Hotel rooms are configured in the same way at each Sea Garden - Ocean Breeze Hotel location. Only the structure of the resort complex might be different.

Take a look the following impressions of the Sea Garden at Nuevo Vallarta:

Sea Garden Resort - Nuevo Vallarta

Thanks for sharing your photos Scott

( Sea Garden Beach)

( Sea Garden Entrance)

(Lobby Area)

( Lobby Area Second View)

( Primary Outdoor Activities Area)

( Entrance To Pool Area From Resort)

(Beach View of Pool Area and Resort)

Where Are The Sea Garden Resorts?

Following is a list of Grupo Vidanta / Mayan Resorts property locations and our understanding of the status of the Sea Garden on each Property:
Property Resort Status
Acapulco Operating during tourist season. (September 19, 2010)
Buenos Aires None. (September 19, 2010)
Mazatlan Operating during tourist season. (September 19, 2010)
Nuevo Vallarta Operating during tourist season. (September 19, 2010)
Puerto Penasco None. (September 19, 2010)
Puerto Vallarta None. (September 19, 2010)
Riviera Maya Operating Ocean Breeze Sea Garden. (September 19, 2010)
San Jose del Cabo None. (September 19, 2010)

Buildings With No Designation

Property Building Comments
Mazatlan Mazatlan Sea Garden Websites info conflicts.
Riviera Maya Riviera Maya Sea Garden Websites info conflicts.

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Resort Updates

Please email us at [email protected] if you have photos and other information to share.

Agreements for Lodging Rights and Services plus any accompanying addenda could define the terms of use of the Sea Garden Hotels facilities as well as the terms of sale.

The Mayan Resorts International Sales organization creates many ways to configure offers to sell Lodging Rights agreements to prospective buyers. Generally, in addition to identifying the Member's names, the agreements specify the type of unit, registration numbers, Classification and Type of use.

Addenda specify additional benefits buyers may negotiate to include in their Lodging Rights agreements and can be valuable.

Terms of sales change with changes in the demand for and supply of the different levels of accommodations that become available to sell.

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