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The Good and Not So Good Experiences

January 23, 2011

Nuevo Vallarta is very active. Of course it should be. There are about 450 rooms in the Grand Mayan and about 252 rooms in the Grand Luxxe alone. Add the rooms in the Grand Bliss and Mayan Palace and you are going to gather a crowd.

Generally, our Grand Luxxe members report having pleasant experiences. One exception might be "The Fence". We certainly do not think the reasons for the fence are self serving other than to provide guests with protection and allow the developer to manage insurance risks.

Sales representations are always topics of interest. Most are very complementary, indicating there is a change from the old ways to the new ones.

In the end, the company has to keep selling product. Sales is the life blood of any organization. We all appreciate this and respect the effort it takes to motivate buyers.

Some of the more common complaints arise from the following circumstances:
  • The Promise of Ocean View Rooms.

  • The Promise to Take Over Existing Timeshare Obligations

  • Bullying Buyers

  • Misleading Buyers Using Portions of Contracts and Orally Interpreting Them.
There are likely to be others. If you would like to have us post your suggestions, just let us know by sending us an email at [email protected] and place Sales Tactics in the Subject box.

Vida Vacation Club management is committed to both growing the company by building resorts complexes and filling them with members as they come on line and using ethical sales techniques, which includes intensive training.

Any comments we make here will be taken as constructive comments. The management team has a big job managing the number of sales personnel it takes to continue growth in these tough economic times.

As buyers, we can do our part by exercising discipline and restraint. Everything needs to be in writing. If you do not understand, take a walk and come back later. No one can make you sign anything.

Success is not measured by anything more than satisfied members.

Cheers and thanks to Earl and Anita and others for their contributions to our thoughts today.