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News From Nuevo Vallarta

Last week we all learned that access to the Nuevo Vallarta property is now funneled through one entrance. This is the former Main Entrance near the round about and Tacos Break.

Here are one member's comments:

January 20, 2011

I'm writing from the Grand Bliss in NV. Thought you would want to know Vida has completely closed the road running in front of the Grand Mayan, etc towards the Sea Garden to vehicles and foot traffic. A high chain link fence now exists at the end of the Grand Mayan over to the end of the parking garage. Apparently construction near the sales end of the Grand Mayan is the excuse. The only way to Sea Garden, bus stop, OXXO, NV marina, etc is by taxi for 35pesos each way. No arrangements have been made to allow walking to the Sea Garden, although a path could clearly be provided There is no communication from Vida regarding length of this condition. FYI - R Best

Gary III posted on the Forum comments from Ron, who spent a lot of time last year keeping us all up to date.

We can only speculate about the reasons behind the change. Security first comes to mind. Adopting a multi-step process that ultimately leads to the new main entrance near the highway might be a reason. We understand the property will not allow autos, so perhaps Vida Vacation Management is making the move to a single entrance point now, before there are many more visitors due to the increased number of rooms that will be available in the near future.

Gina was there too. She was told the closure was related to insurance. Golf carts and autos using the same roads make for potential conflicts.

Regardless, many members are grumpy over the change. Too bad they had to experience the move first hand.

On the subject of the property, Ron sent us a number of photos. One is particularly interesting because it provides a glimpse of the amount of vegetation that will cover the property. More later....