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February 13, 2011

We are making changes to a number of pages that will allow us to post photos provided by viewers. We have a number of them that we want to share. Charles R was so generous! Whale Watching Tour at the Marieta Islands, Horse Back Riding and many wonderful photos of the Grand Luxxe at Nuevo Vallarta in November, 2010.

The Grand Luxxe Tower I is quite striking.  The atrium is lit in an intriguing way to show off the balance of light and darkness provided by the different levels.  Very fun! Great looking waves.  We were able to experience them too. The lakes at the Nuevo Vallarta Mayan property are features that provide a softness to an otherwise growing and dynamic area.  The water and foliage around the property will be stunning when complete. The Ameca River Sand Bar creates a semi circular feature in front of the Ameca River entrance to the Pacific Ocean.  At low tide, it seems as though one could walk all the way across the opening to the river.  Not possible, however. Dawn over Cafe del Lago and Grand Luxxe Pools Nov 10 2010.JPG Two young men decided to raid a Palm tree of its Coconuts at the south end of the Nuevo Vallarta Mayan property.  They knocked the coconuts from their perch and used a rock to open them up.  Soon they were asked to leave by the security guards.

Many photos are up and were contributed by Gary III, Dave and Terrina, Ron, John, Don and many others.

Our objective is to provide Members with access to the Photo Galleries so everyone can enjoy them. In the meantime, you may see a file name or two that have nothing in them. Work in progress. That is what you see.

Another of our objectives is to provide information about the Timeshare Industry. Nick Copley, President of the Sherpareport, has an extensive background in Fractional Ownership, Destination Clubs, Residence Clubs and other forms of sharing ownership of tangible assets with others. He will be quoted now and again as we provide articles he has written.

We are particularly interested in valuing ownership, the financial arrangements offered by these different forms of ownership, ways these owner organizations deal with reservations when supply is limited and demand is high and how they are doing during these most difficult economic times.

From an operating point of view, please let us know the pages that you cannot see because you get the "ooops" page. We want to make corrections to viewing rights as quickly as possible.

Thank you all for your continued support and participation.