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What To Do With Expiring Weeks....

No one wants to have Expiring Weeks.
  1. Some weeks expire because the year ends and there are no spacebanking or other options available to us, and

  2. Others go unused because at the last minute, a member or member's guest experiences a change in travel plans.
We may have an option for the second circumstance, which we are calling:

Member's Getaway Weeks©

A Member Getaway Week is an expiring week that a member is willing to rent.

A typical example might be where a member reserved a two bedroom unit for a family member or friend to use. In some cases, travel plans change. The consequence is the guest is not able to take advantage of the member's generosity.

We have developed a way for members who are placed in this situation to offer their week and possibly collect a fee for the use of their vacant space. In essence, the member has created a Getaway opportunity for others to use.

One such opportunity now exists. You can read about it by clicking here to Test Drive A Luxxe.

Seems like a win - win situation for all persons concerned. Let us know your thoughts by emailing us at [email protected] or by starting a topic on the forum called Members Getaway Weeks.

Should be fun to see this new service for Subscribing Members in action. Stay tuned.....