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Members Are Restless....We Want Photos and Videos...

February 20, 2011


Mary successfully uploaded her photos and overcame the frustration that comes with technology....especially new technology.

Come to find out through our experts there are many reasons why time outs occur....Internet connections....software....comupter....network traffic....location....type of connection (wired or wireless)....and so on. In fact we all have experienced dropped connections and timeouts every day. It is just that we want everything to be perfect, right?

In fact, just a little while ago, Nancy in Edmonton asked a question about the Grand Bliss and if anyone had recent photos they could share.

In response, we observed Linda In Seattle (actually in NV) try to no avail to upload a brief video, which we bet dollars to doughnuts it contained footage of the Grand Bliss.

Also in response, we just completed posting Gary III's great photos of the Grand Bliss, which he took while staying at the Grand Bliss during the week of December 7, 2010. He was one of the first to experience the resort.

So, the issue of providing a communication link among Grand Luxxe and other Vida Vacation Club members continues to be the challenge we have taken on by establishing this website.

No, our goal is not lofty. Rather, it is very achievable. We simply have to understand the limits of where we are and how they impact our objectives.

So, to Linda In Seattle, we request the video be sent to us by email, so we can post it for you from a fast Internet connection. To Nancy, we suggest you click on Gary III's Grand Bliss - December 7, 2010 to see the great photos of the resort he sent. And to everyone else, we hope you all enjoy the journey, hiccups and all.