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Announcement to Bliss Owners

February 22, 2011

In keeping with our banner, we are a place where Grand Luxxe and other Grupo Vidanta Timeshare Owners connect and exchange.

The issue that arose this morning is the future of the Bliss Resort.

Steve is a Bliss owner, who contacted us over a year ago. In his email, he expressed concern about the sales presentation his family and he attended, information provided then and "promises" made.

We suggested that he address his concerns with Customer Service and told him we thought he would be treated fairly, especially in the difficult economic times that were in place then (2009). Later, he sent us an update and said he was unable to reach agreement to resolve the issues.

Fast forward to this morning....we received an offer from Steve. He is now at Nuevo Vallarta and has asked us to post his comments.

Since his comments are short, we are posting them here and in Current News. Please consider:

To all bliss owners....there is NO bliss in nuevo vallarta. There are no current plans to build the bliss and no current location here to build the bliss. If you purchased the bliss, check your contract as YOU actually own at the Riviera Maya and not n.vallarta. If you have more questions email me at spdp at fastmail.fm. I am here and have had a MEETING WITH ANDREW AT MEMBER SERVICES AND HAVE MORE INFO IF YOU WOULD LIKE. Thank you, Steve Dipiero

Understand that Steve's comments are his own and should not be construed as statements from management or anyone else.

We know the Bliss has become a resort without definition. This may be the case because Vida Vacation Club can sell the Grand Luxxe and Grand Bliss resorts at higher prices, which makes them more profitable than the lower priced Bliss units. Result is the Bliss members paid for upgrades that will not be built.

Regardless, we also know that Vida is trying to provide meaningful alternatives to Bliss owners. So, we do not think all is lost. Just more conversations with Customer Service to get the issues ironed out to everyone's satisfaction.

Thank you Steve.