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Security in Nuevo Vallarta

January 18, 2011

Nuevo Vallarta: Through Gary III on the Owners Forum, Ron informed us that there is now a gate that prevents auto and pedestrian access to the property from the road that leads from the Sea Garden.

This changes the way we access restaurants called Prime, EStudio, Don Quixote, Ochos Tostadas, Eddies, Guidos, the marina and etc.

Although we did not understand the full impact of what we were told, during our last visit we were told that autos would no longer be allowed on the property. That seemed like an admirable goal, but we did not realize pedestrian traffic would be restricted as well.

Security is extremely important given the conflicts we all read about. This may be the best way to maintain tightened security, which is the good news.

The logistics of going anywhere could become a major issue. Given the length of time we had to wait for transportation in November, the new scheme may add to the wait times, not take away from them.

Also, it seems the number of cabs will have to increase, considerably.

Finally, if the plan is to take cabs from the new entrance area, which is near the highway and is a possibility, then we all will become better planners. Spontaneity may leave our vocabulary.

We welcome more explanations from Ron and others.

You may recognize Ron and Gary III. Both have been active contributors by providing comments on the Forum and many wonderful photos during the construction phases. Thank you Ron and Gary III.

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Thank you for your suggestions.

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