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December 17, 2016

Action! Taking place in Nuevo Vallarta next to Highway 200 just north of the Ameca River bridge. This is a very big development.

Here is a view of the property in July, 2016 as seen on Google Earth (Tap the image to expand, tap your browser's "back arrow" to return.):

Construction of the Theme Park at Nuevo Vallarta is well underway.  Although the final configuration is probably not confirmed at this time, it is clear there will be water parks, hotels and other venues.  Opening is scheduled for December, 2018.
Construction of the Theme Park at Nuevo Vallarta is well underway. Although the final configuration is probably not confirmed at this time, it is clear there will be water parks, hotels and other venues. Opening is scheduled for December, 2018.

What we see in the above image is only part of the proposed park. Do you see the driving range in the lower left side and corner of the image? It is said that the Nicklaus Academy and Driving Range will also become part of the Theme Park. If so, it will consume the area that extends to the Jarretaderas access road.

Here is a recent view from the ground of the construction activity (Contributed by an Aimfair supporter and member.):

Can you imagine the number of guests that will be required to insure the success of this venture? It has been said in different places that there will be up to 5,000 per day and maybe more. This estimate puts those of us who own right to use contracts in an interesting spot. Will it be too crowded for us to enjoy a peaceful vacation....or....will it be exciting to be part of such a dynamic venue? Who knows.....we will all just have to...
Stay Tuned....!

To Follow Up - We Thought You Would Like To Know....

October 6, 2016

Then there are the places that are considered Luxurious! Consider the following statement from ThrillList, which is website that posts articles about food, travel and many other topics that may interest you:

The Residence at Grand Luxxe Four Bedroom Residence, Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

When traveling in groups, you want to be sure you have plenty of space to accommodate everyone. Two bedrooms with king-size beds, two more with double beds, 4.5 bathrooms, two Jacuzzis, a full gourmet kitchen with breakfast bar and wine bar, a dining room table that seats 10, two terraces, a dipping pool, and an outdoor dining area at this planned residential-resort community 15 minutes from the Puerto Vallarta airport should suffice. And all for the it-was-this-or-a-new-car price of $14,840 per night.

This should give all the owners of the Residence at the Grand Luxxe huge confidence that they are truly in luxurious surroundings according to at least one travel and food website. The locations that were listed before the Residence were:
  • The Presidential Suite, Mandarin Oriental, Shanghi, China ($26,450 per night).
  • Hilltop Estate Owner's Accommodation, Laucala Island Resort - you need to apply to stay at this location ($40,000 per night per guest villa).
  • Viceroy Villa, Viceroy Bali - you have to ask to use this facility. Rooms can go up to $1,726 per night.
You can see the list by following this link.
What fun....

The 11 Best Places to Stretch Retirement $

October 6, 2016

According to a recent article in Money Talk News, Puerto Vallarta is the second best place to retire and get more from your retirement savings in the world.

Consider the following comments:
Faraway locations beckon to some retirees, but many more prefer living within a fairly short plane ride of the States. Mexico, with its low costs, warm weather and tradition of hospitality, fits the bill. Puerto Vallarta is on Mexico’s Pacific coast, in the state of Nayarit. “Its combination of first-class urban amenities and charming palm-fringed villages have made it an appealing retiree draw,” says AARP Magazine. Some 40,000 expatriates and foreign retirees live in Puerto Vallarta, according to U.S. News & World Report.
A two-bedroom furnished apartment with an ocean view can be had in Puerto Vallarta for around $1,000 a month — and less as you move further inland, International Living.com editors say, in an article published by the Huffington Post.
Safety is an important consideration today in Mexico, so make it part of your research. Reports from American visitors and residents there vary widely. While some parts of Mexico suffer from extreme gang violence, others are safer. Here is the U.S. State Department’s Mexico travel advisory.
We are very lucky to have access to such a world renowned location. Let's hope the price of this beautiful place does not escalate beyond our collective abilities to afford it.
Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta will only get better....Stay tuned....

Tips for Collecting Value Points....and Spending Them Wisely

September 8, 2016

If you are like us, you look for ways to stretch the value of dollars you spend. One obvious way to stretch the value of our dollar is to buy frequently used items when they are on sale. News paper ads, email blasts and in-store advertising are a few ways we learn about bargains.

Another process used by ourselves and many others is through the use of credit card benefits. Saving money by using credit card reward points makes financial sense to 58% of us, according to a recently conducted study by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA).

However, the study also found that only 15% of the respondents paid for all or part of their trip with reward points compared with 14% who say the cost of a trip they have taken resulted in a credit card balance that could not be paid off by their next statement. In addition, 14% of all Americans have suffered negative financial consequences from their vacation travel, with 12% carrying a balance or paying interest on their credit card, 3% missing a payment or being charged a late fee and 2% going over their spending limit. Not good!

So what is the takeaway from this study?
  1. Don't overspend to earn travel rewards. Have a budget to live within. The savings you earned could evaporate because of interest and fees you incur by going over budget.
  2. Look for cards that fit your needs. What is most important to you? Be sure to answer that question before applying for a card. Flexibility to transfer points between companies is important to us. Others feel the cash-back at the end of a term is more important because the cash is a defined discount to the price paid. Waiver of foreign transaction fees, insurance coverage, and other features are important items to understand before making a final decision.
  3. Look for cards with big sign-up bonuses. Opening too many credit cards in a short period of time could negatively impact your credit score. Open only those cards you intend to use. Don't forget....first year waiver of the annual fee could be a costly benefit if the charges in future years negate the benefits of using the card. But, don't get carried away by overspending to meet the minimum spends to qualify for the bonus points offered.
  4. Use technology to track your benefits. AwardWallet.com is an example of using technology to track your rewards and notify you of changes. RewardExpert.com helps members craft a strategy using points and miles to get where you want to go. These are just two interesting ways to help you manage credit card rewards.
Travel is wonderful. Credit cards are terrific ways to pay for vacations. Rewards are valuable and should be used whenever possible. Technology is there to help. But the bottom line is.....Spend Wisely!!

MoneyTalksNews - Exiting A Timeshare

September 3, 2016

It's not new news....exiting a time-share is tricky business, is not easy to do, takes time to accomplish and sometimes risky. Stacey Johnson started Money Talks News in 1991. It is a "personal finance TV news feature that airs within the local news of about 80 network affiliates nationwide as well as on major websites including MSN, Yahoo, and of course, this one (MoneyTalksNews.com)!" Mr. Johnson was asked by a member of his audience "How Can I Get Out of My Time-Share Without Being Robbed?". You can read his answer by tapping the following link: http://www.moneytalksnews.com/ask-stacy-how-can-get-out-time-share-without-being-robbed/

First of all, in general, Mr. Johnson is not a big fan of time-shares for many reasons:
  • Time-shares are a product that’s often foisted on the gullible with high-pressure sales tactics.
  • When it’s time to sell, there’s often no way to do it, especially when there’s a loan involved.
  • Time-shares depreciate radically the moment they’re purchased.
  • Buy a time-share at retail from a developer, and odds are good you’ll be left twisting in the wind.
He states "recovering even a fraction of your money when selling a time-share can be nearly impossible." The reasons for this include:
  • An inactive secondary market.
  • High monthly maintenance fees.
  • A supply that eclipses demand.
  • Most lose a huge chunk of their value the instant they’re purchased.
If you do want to sell your time-share interest, Mr. Johnson offers these sites to examine:
He offers a good article on the Timeshare Users Group called - How to Sell Your Time-Share. It is definitely a good article to read, even before you buy a time-share.

Our takeaway from Mr. Johnson's article is the following:
  • Time-shares are long term commitments for prepaid vacations.
  • Be sure you like the location and facilities.
  • Understand there is little to no resale value to time-share interests.
  • Understand the ramifications of borrowing to buy.
  • Understand that all loans will have to be retired before a sale can be closed.
Change is the only constant at the Vidanta properties and in our lives for that matter.

Although Mr. Johnson admits he is not very high on buying time-share interests, we feel comforted that our purchases from Grupo Vidanta have exceeded our expectations. Use of the facilities is always looked forward to by ourselves, our children and grand children. We have never expected a return of our money through the sale of our contracts. Finally, if we do not use our weeks, there is no penalty or requirement to "catch up" in order to return to using our weeks again.
Time-shares are another form of ownership. Buying them requires the same thought and consideration that one gives to buying any asset that is held for a long term. Use generates the highest value to the buyer. Enjoy to the fullest extent possible to gain maximum value....Cheers!

Timeshare Contracts - They Don't Age Like We Do

June 14, 2016

Bill is an Aimfair member who is grateful for the contract he owns. Why? Because he saw an article on komonews.com that described how easily owners of timeshare contracts are scammed by promises to relieve them of their timeshare contracts.

The concept of buying rights to use spaces in beautiful properties with families and friends draws us in. The prepayment is a fixed amount when we buy the contract, and the maintenance fee or usage fee is relatively easy to pay during the early stages of a contract's life. Typically, none of us think we will find ourselves with an obligation we cannot use to its fullest. Furthermore, we all have the feeling that our use of the weeks we purchased will continue indefinitely.

Then comes reality. A family member becomes ill, family members age and become less interested in what was once a wonderful place to spend a vacation, interests change and financial capabilities change. These are just a few influences we have noticed over the last 16 years since we first visited Mexico and purchased our first timeshare interest.

What is remarkable is how easily we can all enter into contracts that may last a life time and not consider how we might be able to exit the obligations if the need arises. Our friend Bill said in so many words, I am so glad I have the contract I have because I can walk away from it if I can't use it. Its true! That is one of the main reasons why we purchased our Grand Luxxe Villa contract.

Scams are everywhere! Scammers promise the payment of a reasonable to very tidy sum of money in exchange for payments in advance. These advance payments are reasonable to honest people. But, when money is taken without promises being met, we feel silly for believing something that is too good to be true will actually take place.

This is where the company that is discussed in the kononews.com article comes into play. Contracts that require payments every year regardless of whether you use the facilities or contracts that allow you to delay payments until you want to use the facilities become burdens that we don't anticipate when we signed the agreement long ago.

The value of timeshare contracts is in their use. As we get older, it becomes harder and harder to use our prepaid vacations as much as we want or expected. Regardless, the obligations to pay remain the same.

Many contracts written by Grupo Vidanta have eased this burden. There are good reasons for this, not the least of which the company wanted to build out luxurious facilities and it needed to compete. Many of us are the beneficiaries of these competitively written contracts.

However, time does not stand still, and it is very likely changes will take place.

Regardless, we are happy to see a service that helps timeshare owners exit their contracts at a time when they cannot use them for any number of reasons. Also, it is comforting to know there are Aimfair members and other owners of timeshare contracts issued by Grupo Vidanta who will not have to worry about making payments for something they do not want or cannot use.

Daniel Chavez Moran - Founder - Grupo Vidanta - Honored as Entrepreneur of the Year

March 29, 2016

"On March 9, 2016, Mexico's Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services, and Tourism (CONCANACO Servytur) named Chávez Morán the Tourism Entrepreneur of the Year for his extraordinary business career in the tourism efforts of Mexico. On March 11, Chávez Morán won the National Entrepreneur Award from The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) for his achievements and the forming of innovative projects with a social impact. Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto presented both awards in Mexico City." The source of this announcement is PRNewswire, and the news release was dated March 18, 2016.

These awards are meaningful. "The Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism was founded in 1917. Its mission is to represent, defend and promote the legitimate interest of businesses belonging to the sectors of commerce, services and tourism through the integration and strengthening of all confederate chambers." Source: Davila_Flores_presentation_210413-3.pdf

There are 254 chambers with 650 delegations representing over 660,000 businesses. CONCANACO-SERVYTUR is the biggest entrepreneurial organization and most diversified in Mexico. More than half of the country's GDP is generated by the sectors the organization represents.

Mr. Moran was chosen from thousands of candidates, and he was recognized through these awards for his efforts in business, job creation, innovative projects, and social impact throughout his career. President Enrique Peña Nieto, the Ministry of Economy, the president of the National Institute of Entrepreneurship, and the Department of Competition and Regulation presented the award in a ceremony in Mexico City.

As members of Grupo Vidanta, it makes us proud to see such honors bestowed upon the owner of a company that has accomplished so much during the past ten years. We are the beneficiaries of his leadership. We are the recipients of the results created by the many team members who execute the plans that are implemented each year.

Congratulations to you, Mr. Chavez for all you and you team have done. Here here!!

Vidanta Customer Service - New System - Call Contact Center for Reservations

January 13, 2016

Note From Bill: Group Vidanta is implementing a new reservation computer system, the online reservation service is not available, so you have to call the Contact Center for reservations.
We received the following from an Aimfair member:
Dear Member,

Thank you for your contacting us. Please be informed that mywebreservations.com website has been shut down. However, we are excited to inform you that a new, much improved member portal is coming with greatly increased functionality. Nevertheless, this new tool is still under development and will not be available immediately. For this reason, we invite you to contact us at our toll-free number listed below seven days a week to answer your questions or assist you in booking your next trip.

We sincerely apologize for any possible inconvenience this may have caused you and thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter.

If any question arises, please feel free to contact our Customer Care Center at any of the toll-free numbers listed below.

Kind regards,

Customer Service Representative

Thank you Bill. We appreciate the update and your desire to let others know.

The only constant we see.....is change....Stay Tuned!!

2016 - Happy New Year!

January 5, 2016

Now that 2015 is behind us, we see lot's of change on the horizon. In fact, the changes that took place on Vidanta's Nuevo Vallarta property between November 22, 2015 and January 4, 2016 are stunning!

Don't miss the light show, which we did not know about until our last night on the property:

Mercado Gourmet is opposite the Azur Restaurant on the third floor in La Plaza. Opened December 27, 2015 and presents a varied offering. Fun for the ladies in the audience.

The Greg Norman course is open - nine holes of real beauty.

Finally, the new long road into the property is controversial. Lots of concern about the length of time it takes to get on and off the property. Chances are, this is not a lasting situation. But in the meantime, is provides a very scenic view of the property.

Yes, there will be grumpy comments about being in a "prison" or management forcing guests to stay on the property. That said, the Nuevo Vallarta grounds, pools and facilities are world class. In addition, they will continue to improve throughout 2016.

So, let's all sit back and enjoy what we have and welcome 2016 with open arms. It will certainly be fun to see the next set of changes during our next visit!
We thank all of you who continue to support Aimfair and wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year! Cheers!!

Veteran's Day in the US - How To Talk To Veterans

November 11, 2015

Today is Veteran's Day in the United States. Although this day celebrates the lives of veterans who served in one of the US branches of the military, it is also a reminder to citizens of all countries that their military personnel should be treated with honor and respect.

On our flight to Mexico, the stewardess reminded us all of the sacrifices our military personnel make every day and asked us to honor them, be they on the plane or elsewhere, which we did with a round of applause.

Bill is an Aimfair member who served his country. He also reminded us that Veterans Day is today and shared a link to a TED (Technology, Education and Design) video featuring Wes Moore's experience as a person who joined the Army to pay for his college education. He was a paratrooper and captain who served in Afghanistan, and he wrote a book called "The Other Wes Moore."

The subject of this TED video is how to speak to a veteran. His story is well told and provides a meaningful framework for us to use when we become acquainted with one or more veterans in airports or other public places. The link to this video is as follows: https://www.ted.com/talks/wes_moore_how_to_talk_to_veterans_about_the_war?language=en
We thank veterans of military branches in the US and other free world countries for the sacrifices they make on our behalf.

Hurricane Patricia - The Day After Landfall

October 24, 2015

It's over! The strongest hurricane in history has dissipated into a series of storms that will drop considerable amounts of rain in Mexico, Texas and maybe Florida. But, in Nuevo Vallarta...this is what an Aimfair member sees:

The beauty of Nuevo Vallarta is shining through again....
The beauty of Nuevo Vallarta is shining through again....

A huge thank you goes out to all who helped us track the events of this major event. We are grateful it ended in such a peaceful way.

Hurricane Patricia - Guest's Comments

The strongest hurricane on record has passed by Puerto Vallarta without incident. Thank goodness.

Afterward, we received comments from Aimfair members that were very complementary about the way the event was handled by the Vidanta staff. Following is a video an Aimfair member asked that we post. It shows a conversation between Canadians who are on site and a member of the Vida staff. Enjoy:

We are all thrilled that there was no damage and the Vidanta staff was able to facilitate a crowd of over 3,000 people during a very stressful time.
On we go....

Hurricane Patricia - Passed Puerto Vallarta

October 24, 2015

The largest hurricane in recorded history missed Puerto Vallarta. A staff member sent us the following encouraging note this morning:
8:17 AM:

Good morning Mr. Jones,

I am sorry I could not get back to you before but the Internet service was down almost all day yesterday.

As you may know by now, Patricia landfall yesterday south of Jalisco and thankfully we only received heavy rain and today is starting to clear out. The Contact Center will resume operations today at 11 am (CST) and will continue to operate normally.

From what we know, the property does not endure any damages.

I am off this weekend but will be back on Monday.

Warm regards,

And another:
10:39 AM:


All is well. We were extremely fortunate as the storm basically missed us. We had a shelter it the parking lot were we had all 3200 guests. Everything went very well. Our members were extremely comfortable and content. Thanks for your concern.

And this from a member who experienced the whole ordeal, up close and personal:
10:40 AM:

The river is raging with lots of debris , but not flooding, and a big area of the bay close to us is muddy. But the sun is shining with a few clouds. Much cooler and drier today and people out and about. Staff is busy getting everything back in place and running normally. Can't say enough positive about the way Mayan handled this. Very efficiently but also wanting to do all they could to make people comfortable and happy! I was proud to be an owner here.

It is great to report that all operations are back to normal and all guests returned to their units from the Parking Garage Shelter by around 10 PM last evening. Thus ends the Patricia saga in Nuevo Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta.

We are not sure about those who live where the eye of the storm landed in the area of Cuixmala at about 6:15 PM last evening. Cuixmala is about 50 miles north of Manzanillo and is a lightly populated area.

Cuixmala - The village where the eye of Patricia, the strongest hurricane in history, made landfall.
Cuixmala - The village where the eye of Patricia, the strongest hurricane in history, made landfall.

Winds were gusting to 165 miles an hour when the storm landed, and although they started to lessen as the storm move eastward, such winds can cause enormous damage.

It would be interesting to know how the Castillo de Cuixmala fared. This is an interesting structure that sits on a bluff and overlooks the beach and ocean.

Castillo de Cuixmala - A luxury hotel near or at the eye of Patricia, the strongest hurricane in history.
Castillo de Cuixmala - A luxury hotel near or at the eye of Patricia, the strongest hurricane in history.
Castillo de Cuixmala - A luxury hotel near or at the eye of Patricia, the strongest hurricane in history.
Castillo de Cuixmala - A luxury hotel near or at the eye of Patricia, the strongest hurricane in history.

Can you imagine being in this castle-like structure when 150 to 165 mile an hour winds are whistling around the building?


We hope those who live in the area of Cuixmala and the path of Patricia as it moves Eastward are safe and will recover from the possible devastation it might have caused.
Lets all....stay tuned.....

Resort Preparations - Comments From Nuevo Vallarta

October 23, 2015

We can only imagine the work that is going on at the resort to protect guests and facilities before Patricia arrives. Here are comments we received this morning from those who are in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta now:
8:50 AM - October 23, 2015:

We are taking all possible precaution. We expect Patricia to hit land around 2pm. So far we have experienced only light raining but we are preparing as best as possible and the resort's staff is ensuring all to be safe.

The contact center is currently closed, and expect to be back, weather permitted, this Monday.

Our social networks will probably be the best source of information.

I am not sure if I will have Internet access as the hurricane hits, but please feel free to contact me and I will try to keep you posted. Although we will probably have more information later this weekend.

9:05 AM - October 23, 2015:

Thanks for your concern. I think we will be ok. We´re of course preparing for the worst but thank goodness our home is 100% concrete. They began preparing early yesterday at the resort. I´m sure the guests will be taken care of. Our experience in Cabo will no doubt be a benefit to everyone while dealing with Patricia. Send me another message tomorrow and I´ll give you any information I have.


10:25 AM - October 23, 2015:
Hola Mr. Jones,

Thank you for your concerns. Luckily we've had plenty of warning to get ready. Right now everything is very calm in Nuevo Vallarta, almost no wind and the ocean is calm too, the tide is high but that's the only sign here right now, even birds by the beach are acting normally. It looks like the eye of the storm is hitting south of PV which is good for us because the mountains there will dramatically slow wind speed. The hotel has taken every precaution and treating this very seriously. Guests have been moved to the main parking building for special shelter, there are generators and plenty of supplies there. There is plenty of security too, the army and security forces are on alert for anything. Electricity and water will be cut off in the next couple of hours as a prevention. I will try to keep you posted on any new developments....

Thank you!!

A special thanks to our friends in Nuevo Vallarta duing this very challenging time.....we wish them well...and will stay tuned...

Hurricane Patricia - Update

October 23, 2015

If all goes well, Puerto Vallarta could be on the fringe of this most powerful storm ever recorded in the Pacific Ocean. Its power is determined by how quickly winds escalated from approximately 85 miles per hour to up to 200 miles per hour. This happened within a 24 hour period, during which Patricia moved from a Tropical Storm to a Category 5 hurricane.

The AccuWeather.com storm track images show Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta could avoid a direct hit. We certainly hope so. Here are images from the AccuWeather.com website:
  • 3 PM Eastern:
3 PM Eastern Time - Puerto Vallarta remains on the fringe of Patricia's track.
3 PM Eastern Time - Puerto Vallarta remains on the fringe of Patricia's track.

  • 12 PM Eastern:
12 PM Eastern Time - Patricia's track is expanding to include Puerto Vallarta.
12 PM Eastern Time - Patricia's track is expanding to include Puerto Vallarta.

  • 11 PM Eastern:
11 PM Eastern Time - Patricia's track fringe includes  Puerto Vallarta.
11 PM Eastern Time - Patricia's track fringe includes Puerto Vallarta.

AccuWeather.com's Becky Elliott provides an update to the weather pattern as of approximately 12 PM Eastern Time.

Last evening, shop owners in Puerto Vallarta were preparing for the worse by bording up their windows. Look at that sky...same as in Ray and Betty's photo....

Prepaing for Patricia's Arrival in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Prepaing for Patricia's Arrival in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The storm is huge. Here is an image provided by AccuWeather.com:

Patricia Covers a Huge Area.
Patricia Covers a Huge Area.

Stay tuned...as we try to keep you informed....

Hurricane Patricia - A Category 5 Storm

October 22, 2015

Puerto Vallarta and surrounding areas are exposed! By 5 PM tomorrow, hurricane Patricia could make landfall with 160 mile an hour winds, 11" of rain or more and 27 foot waves. Dangerous! Shops in Puerto Vallarta are securing their windows by covering them with sheets of plywood. From what the weather forecasters say, the storm will reach land between Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta around 5 PM and be a very large storm.

Betty and Ray are on the ninth floor in Tower I in Nuevo Vallarta as we speak. They sent the following alert and photo:
Very unusual looking out at the bay and ocean tonight. Patricia is way south of us but beginning to affect the skies. Lots of preparations being made for her arrival in the area. Should just be a wind and rain event here. All outdoor activities closed as of 7 PM tonite. This one snuck up on everyone! Beautiful sky tonite however! Stay in touch.

Hurricane Patricia affects the evening sky in Nuevo Vallarta - 18 hours before it reaches shore with 160 mile an hour winds and lots of rain.
Hurricane Patricia affects the evening sky in Nuevo Vallarta - 18 hours before it reaches shore with 160 mile an hour winds and lots of rain.

Our trip begins on November 8. Let's hope the storm passes in the unpopulated areas between Mismaloya and Manzanillo. We will keep everyone updated as we learn more.
Thank you Betty and Ray - be safe!

Event Specialists International - Site No Longer....

August 28, 2013

We posted a warning about Event Specialists International on September 4, 2012. You can read it by following this link: Event Specialists International

The update is the website is no longer active. Also, we found an energetic and unhappy victim of the fraud. This person is an activist and knows something about websites.

The victim purchased a domain called eventspecialistscam.com and posted a recap of the scam. The website has been discontinued, and we do not have a recap.

You may say....so what....! Well, the "what" is this person took the responsibility of taking action against a shadow. This is impressive! If we all did this in one way or another, we not only would be getting the word out, but we also would be encouraging action.

The call to action in these cases is do your due diligence. Ask questions. Make your own demands. Follow the rules for avoiding becoming a victim....do send all documents by courier to a physical address, demand that all seller required payments be paid from the proceeds of the sale, do choose your own escrow company, do make sure the company is located where it says it is.

This person lost money to a dishonest scheme. Instead of trying to minimize the loss by doing nothing and moving on, the victim took the positive step to individually post his or her experience in hopes others could gain from it.
To that we say BRAVO! Let's all get involved and take action!

The Mexican Peso = 5.88 Cents in USD Today

August 25, 2015

This valuation of the Mexican Peso could have remarkable implications for those of us who enjoy Grupo Vidanta's new projects. One reason is US Dollars entering Mexico go much further than as recently as one year ago.

Grupo Vidanta receives a large percentage of its payments in US Dollars. For every US Dollar that comes into the company, that dollar converts into 17.2 Mexican Pesos.

What does that mean. Well, lets say a project costs one million Mexican Pesos to complete. Probably not unreasonable. The company receives one million US Dollars and converts them into seventeen million Mexican Pesos. The result is significant based only on the conversion rate alone.

But, if one were to look at the conversion rate five years ago (August 25, 2010), when one US Dollar converted into thirteen Mexican Pesos, one recognizes there is an increase of approximately four Mexican Pesos available for use today, which did not exist five years ago.

Five years is not a long period of time, but it is when considering trading timelines. So, let's shorten the time frame. Consider two years ago (August 25, 2013). The rate was about the same. One US Dollar converted into thirteen Mexican Pesos. Interestingly, there is little change when we shorten the time frame to one year ago. On August 25, 2014, one US Dollar converted into thirteen Mexican Pesos.

So, when did the spread start to increase? September 19, 2014. From then to now, the value of the US Dollar increased from thirteen Mexican Pesos to today's valuation of seventeen Mexican Pesos That is a 30% increase in the number of Mexican Pesos that one US Dollar will fetch. Certainly inflation is not increasing by that rate! (Source: http://www.tradingeconomics.com/mexico/currency)

The increased benefits Grupo Vidanta. It has received 30% more Mexican Pesos from its US members than it did one year ago, just by accepting US Dollars as payment for Maintenance Fees and contract purchases. This is great news for those of us who are members because it provides comfort that the ambitious projects that are now under way have a great chance of being adequately funded.

Serendipity! We accept all we can get.
Stay tuned....

How Do You Vacation?

June 13, 2015

Vacationing is a key activity of everyone's life. Are we all in agreement with that proposition? And when we vacation properly, we feel refreshed and invigorated. Isn't that right too?

That said, there is a wide range of activities that fall into the category of Vacationing and being refreshed and invigorated. Sometimes, the vacation does not pan out the way it was envisioned for any number of reasons. The result may be only partial satisfaction and not so much invigoration or relaxation.

Use of our weeks in Mexico has fulfilled our beachside vacationing goals in prior years. There has been so much going on, it was hard for us to not be invigorated about the progress made and visions of what the future has in store.

Other trips are different matters. These entail exploring places we have not been before and involve a lot of planning to get the most of them.

What brought these thoughts to mind is an article that appeared today entitled "5 Rules for Vacation that's Truly Worth it" in today's emails. Published in the Harvard Business Review, the article describes how for some people the distinction between work and vacationing is very small. These individuals love their job as much as they love vacationing and put the same amount of effort to achieve success in each activity.

Following are highlights of the rules put forth in the article:
  1. Move and exercise. The premise is our ancestors moved around all the time, and we should do the same.
  2. Find peaceful, beautiful surroundings. For us the beach offers the peace we seek. Mountain trails do too. Even the busy streets of Rome do as well. Its all in how you perceive your surroundings.
  3. Meet different, interesting people. That has happened since our first experience with Grupo Mayan resorts, as they were called in 2007 when we first entered the Mayan family. It has only expanded from there.
  4. Be willing to invest. The article points out that quality vacations are one of the highest-return investments one can make.
  5. Plan properly. Seamless reservation from airfare to restaurants to tours and guides to auto rentals makes the entire process enjoyable. In addition, vacation time becomes so much more productive and allows for more time to embrace the moments. Finally, planning and preparation can be fun.
The article is interesting and presents good ideas for becoming a productive vacationer. View the article by tapping the following link: 5 Rules for a Vacation thats Truly Worth it
Success at your work leads to successful vacations - love both to achieve fulfillment!

Daniel Chavez Moran - Honored by President of Mexico

April 10, 2015

Boots on the Ground sent us the following article. Very interesting, don't you agree? Post your comments if you have any. Enjoy:
President Enrique Pena Nieto Applauds Grupo Vidanta for $1.3 Billion Investment in New Tourism Offerings for Mexico
Private developer Grupo Vidanta fueling job growth and attracting millions of tourism dollars with new luxury resorts, golf courses and theme parks animated by Cirque du Soleil

President Enrique Pena Nieto of Mexico praises the investment in tourism by Grupo Vidanta and Daniel Chavez Moran during an April 9, 2015, press conference at the Vidanta Theater in Riviera Maya.

RIVIERA MAYA, Mexico, April 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, Mexico Secretary of Tourism Claudia Ruiz Massieu and Governor of the Mexican State of Quintana Roo Roberto Borge Angulo were on hand Thursday at the Vidanta Theater to help announce Grupo Vidanta's $1.3 billion investment in new tourism projects. The luxury resort and tourism developer will bring new attractions including premier golf courses, additional luxury resorts and theme parks animated by Cirque du Soleil to Mexico. The site of JOYA by Cirque du Soleil – launched late last year by Grupo Vidanta and already one of Mexico's fastest growing tourist attractions – served as the backdrop for Mexico's government leaders to share their vision for the future of international tourism growth in Mexico.

Grupo Vidanta, founded by Daniel Chavez Moran in 1974, has grown its workforce from 12,000 to 15,000 employees in the last three years and plans to add an additional 3,000 employees across the company's architecture, design, construction and operations practices by 2018 through jobs created in the development of new tourism projects.

Pena Nieto praised the investment of Grupo Vidanta and noted that Mexico needs more success stories like Grupo Vidanta and founder Daniel Chavez Moran, so that more Mexican people can find opportunity for personal fulfillment.

Annually, Grupo Vidanta attracts more than 700,000 visitors – 500,000 of which travel from foreign countries – to premier resort properties at Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, Acapulco, Puerto Penasco, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan. Grupo Vidanta's development of the world's first theme parks animated by Cirque du Soleil are expected to draw an additional 2.5 million annual visitors with the first park's inauguration in 2019.

Grupo Vidanta recently celebrated the grand opening of its newest luxury resort, The Grand Mayan Puerto Penasco, and Vidanta Golf – already the largest operator of golf courses in Mexico – will add a new premier golf course for visitors in The Greg Norman Golf Course at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta in 2015.


Said Grupo Vidanta founder Daniel Chavez Moran, "Mexico is a place for opportunities. With over 40 years of experience as a driver of Mexican tourism, Grupo Vidanta has learned the best results for Mexico are achieved when we work collaboratively to recruit the world's top brands in travel and entertainment as partners and create unique vacation dreams in Mexico that rival that of any destination in the world. That strategy has allowed Grupo Vidanta to sustain annual visitation growth of 15 percent at our developments, serve more than half a million foreign visitors, and achieve revenues of nearly $700 million each year."

Said Mexico Secretary of Tourism Claudia Ruiz Massieu, "Today is one of the most important announcements of investments in this sector in recent years. An announcement that shows there is confidence in Mexico, in its government and its people. This investment represents more than a number or amount, it represents the conviction of Grupo Vidanta that the tourism sector will continue to grow, will continue to gain ground against other international competitors; that it will continue to produce smiles for visitors and opportunities for thousands in our regions."

Said Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, "I commend you for what you have achieved, for the achievements that have been obtained with daily effort to become an exemplary group within the tourism sector."

For more information on Grupo Vidanta, visit grupovidanta.com.

About Grupo Vidanta
Grupo Vidanta is a full-service tourism developer in Mexico and Latin America with practices in property architecture and product design, construction and operations. The company specializes in the development and operation of luxury resort and hotel brands in Mexico and counts AAA Five Diamond Award-winning Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta and five AAA Four Diamond Award-winning resorts – Grand Luxxe Riviera Maya, The Grand Bliss Nuevo Vallarta, The Grand Mayan Nuevo Vallarta, The Grand Mayan Riviera Maya and The Grand Mayan Acapulco – among its impressive portfolio of more than 25 resorts and hotels.

Grupo Vidanta's visionary approach to the development of luxury beach destinations brings vacation dreams to life via membership-based resorts and mega-resorts on the coastlines of Mexico's most sought-after locations – Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, Acapulco, Puerto Penasco, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan – with brands including Grand Luxxe, The Grand Bliss, The Grand Mayan, The Bliss, Mayan Palace, Ocean Breeze and Sea Garden, and more in development.

The company, which employs more than 15,000 individuals dedicated to design, development, construction and operations, is consistently recognized as one of the most revered employers in Latin America. Vidanta Golf is the largest operator of golf courses in Mexico, the real estate division has built and sold more than 2,000 vacation luxury homes, and the company is responsible for developing Mexico's first privately built and owned airport, Mar de Cortes International Airport in Puerto Penasco.

Grupo Vidanta was founded by Daniel Chavez Moran in 1974 and operates two foundations to enrich the lives of Latin Americans. For more information about Grupo Vidanta, visit http://www.grupovidanta.com.

About Daniel Chavez Moran
Daniel Chavez Moran has been a leading visionary in the Mexico tourism industry for more than 40 years. Now retired, Chavez Moran founded Grupo Vidanta in 1974 after developing his first hotel, Paraiso Mazatlan, and grew the Grupo Vidanta to include expert practices in design, development, construction and operation for many of Mexico and Latin America's top luxury beach resorts, megaresorts and hotels. Under Chavez Moran's leadership, Grupo Vidanta diversified an influence in tourism infrastructure to include the largest collection of golf courses operated in Mexico, construction and sale of more than 2,000 vacation homes, and the first privately built and owned airport in Mexico, Mar de Cortes International Airport in Puerto Penasco. Forbes recognized Chavez Moran for his contributions in 2013, naming him one of the 12 most powerful investors in tourism in Mexico.

Under Chavez Moran's guidance, Grupo Vidanta has grown into one of Latin America's most revered employers, with a staff of more than 15,000 employees and consistent selection to the Great Place to Work Institute's list of "Best Companies to Work," including a ranking as the No. 1 hospitality organization to work for in Mexico in 2014 and 2015.

Commitment to philanthropy is a major component of Grupo Vidanta's mission to inspire generations of happiness. Today, Chavez Moran leads two foundations focused on philanthropy in Latin America including The Fundacion Vidanta, which promotes culture and fights poverty by awarding financial resources to individuals and organizations each year, and The Fundacion Delia Moran, created with the support of the government of Nayarit, which promotes education opportunities in the region and operates a free school and after-school programs for children.

Daniel Chavez Moran was born in Delicias, Chihuahua, and graduated from the University of Guadalajara with a degree in civil engineering in 1971. He is recognized by CNN as one of the 100 most important businessmen in Mexico.

Media Contact:

Greg Miller
greg_miller at richards.com

Customer Service
customerservice at vidanta.com

Photo - http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20150410/197738

SOURCE Grupo Vidanta


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