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2022-09-19 Winning Combination: SF Giants plus Vidanta Resorts Bob Jones
2022-09-13 Vidanta-Members.mx.com - Fake Covid Bonus Week Offer - Repeat #5 Bob Jones
2022-08-05 Again - The Fake Covid Rental Offer from Vidanta Bob Jones
2022-07-25 Less than 5% of timeshare owners are able to book their preferred holidays - Study Finds Bob Jones
2022-06-27 Disney or Vidanta? Bob Jones
2022-05-27 A Recycled Scam Offer - Lives Forever.... Bob Jones
2022-05-10 Aimfair Update Progress - Bumpy Road Bob Jones
2022-05-01 Jon Rahm Wins Mexico Open at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta Bob Jones
2022-01-10 Jingle Bells As You've Never Heard Before Bob Jones
2022-01-03 Happy New Year Bob Jones
2021-12-04 Generosity of Aimfair Members and Freddy's Friends Bob Jones
2021-10-23 Help Freddy Bob Jones
2020-12-01 It's A Wonderful World - David Attenborough - BBC One Bob Jones
2020-11-13 Are you ready...? Bob Jones
2020-05-16 Have You Noticed? Check This Out.... Bob Jones
2020-03-03 What are we doing to capture the Gen-Xers and Millennials through experiential travel? Bob Jones
2020-01-13 Vidanta Customer Service - New System - Call Contact Center for Reservations Bob Jones
2019-07-08 Six Months After New Year Celebrations - Update Bob Jones
2019-01-01 Happy New Year! Bob Jones
2018-11-21 Sr. Daniel Chavez Moran - A Member of President Lopez Obrador’s Advisory Council Bob Jones
2018-11-07 We Missed Out - But Say Hello to the Lucky Winner Bob Jones
2018-08-23 Looking For Something To Do? Read on.... Bob Jones
2018-07-13 The Park - Massive! Bob Jones
2018-05-28 Vidanta Forum - Tourism To Mexico - May 16 - 19, 2018 Bob Jones
2018-04-29 Vidanta Forum - Tourism To Mexico and The Park Bob Jones
2018-04-28 The Vidanta Forum - May 16 - May 19, 2018 Bob Jones
2018-02-19 Cancun Airport - More Order is Needed Bob Jones
2017-11-20 Bob Jones
2017-09-21 Did You Know This About Marriott? Bob Jones
2017-08-22 Say "Hello" To Gita - A Robot Carrier Bob Jones
2017-08-17 Tainted Alcohol At All-Inclusive Cancun Resorts Bob Jones
2017-07-20 Meal Plans - Nuevo Vallarta - Great Deals Bob Jones
2017-07-07 Cirque du Soleil Buys Blue Man Productions Bob Jones
2017-06-11 Is It In The Water....? Bob Jones
2017-05-26 Reservation Systems and Website Changes - Wyndham Challenges Bob Jones
2017-03-18 Online Reservation Systems - Possible Cans of Worms Bob Jones
2017-02-28 Emergency - Who Do You Call? Bob Jones
2017-02-13 Walking Off The Property - Nuevo Vallarta Bob Jones
2017-02-11 Snow Moon Bob Jones
2017-01-27 2017 AAA Five Diamond Hotels and Restaurants in Mexico Named Bob Jones
2016-12-22 Happy Holidays Bob Jones
2016-12-17 The Theme Park - Nuevo Vallarta Bob Jones
2016-10-06 To Follow Up - We Thought You Would Like To Know.... Bob Jones
2016-10-06 The 11 Best Places to Stretch Retirement $ Bob Jones
2016-09-08 Tips for Collecting Value Points....and Spending Them Wisely Bob Jones
2016-09-03 MoneyTalksNews - Exiting A Timeshare Bob Jones
2016-06-14 Timeshare Contracts - They Don't Age Like We Do Bob Jones
2016-03-29 Daniel Chavez Moran - Founder - Grupo Vidanta - Honored as Entrepreneur of the Year Bob Jones
2016-01-05 2016 - Happy New Year! Bob Jones
2015-11-11 Veteran's Day in the US - How To Talk To Veterans Bob Jones
2015-10-24 Hurricane Patricia - The Day After Landfall Bob Jones
2015-10-24 Hurricane Patricia - Guest's Comments Bob Jones
2015-10-24 Hurricane Patricia - Passed Puerto Vallarta Bob Jones
2015-10-23 Resort Preparations - Comments From Nuevo Vallarta Bob Jones
2015-10-23 Hurricane Patricia - Update Bob Jones
2015-10-22 Hurricane Patricia - A Category 5 Storm Bob Jones
2015-08-28 Event Specialists International - Site No Longer.... Bob Jones
2015-08-25 The Mexican Peso = 5.88 Cents in USD Today Bob Jones
2015-06-13 How Do You Vacation? Bob Jones
2015-04-11 Daniel Chavez Moran - Honored by President of Mexico Bob Jones
2015-03-31 Tips In Mexican Pesos - New Trend? Bob Jones
2015-03-17 The Ides of March - Happy St. Patty's Day Bob Jones
2015-01-21 Could 2015 Be "The Year"? Bob Jones
2014-12-31 Good Bye 2014.....Hello 2015 Bob Jones
2014-12-24 Happy Holidays - Merry Christmas Bob Jones
2014-11-27 Its Thanksgiving In The US and Time to Give Thanks Bob Jones
2014-11-26 Aimfair Maintenance Announcement Bob Jones
2014-11-25 Aimfair Gathering - Nuevo Vallarta Bob Jones
2014-11-15 Aimfair Gathering - Nuevo Vallarta Bob Jones
2014-10-28 Its The Start Of A New Season Bob Jones
2014-10-12 Sunset Over the Pacific Bob Jones
2014-09-23 First Day of Autumn - A New Season Begins Bob Jones
2014-08-21 Our Electronic World - Aimfair And Its Viewers Bob Jones
2014-08-16 BeachWalkerBob - Advertising Aimfair in Riviera Maya Bob Jones
2014-08-11 The Grupo Vidanta Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta Resort Earns AAA Five Diamond Designation Bob Jones
2014-06-09 Soooo....Who's Looking At Aimfair.com? Bob Jones
2014-06-05 Scam Season - Does Not Look Like Its Over.... Bob Jones
2014-05-13 Scam Season - Looks Like Its Over Until Next Year Bob Jones
2014-03-25 It Did Not Take Long - Possible Scam Call Bob Jones
2014-03-11 Advance Fee Fraud - How It Works Bob Jones
2014-03-06 MEXorc Events in Puerto Vallarta - Mar 23 - 29,2014 Bob Jones
2014-02-13 More News on Cirque du Soleil Bob Jones
2014-02-06 Have You Heard? A Southbys Style Art Auction at Estudio Cafe Bob Jones
2014-01-21 Timeshare Resales - January, 2014 Bob Jones
2013-12-27 Happy Holidays To All.... Bob Jones
2013-12-12 Medicare Benefits While Traveling Bob Jones
2013-11-30 Thanksgiving Sunset Bob Jones
2013-11-27 Our Last Day.... Bob Jones
2013-11-21 Santuario Update.... Bob Jones
2013-11-17 Aimfair Gathering - Nuevo Vallarta - Tuesday, November 19, 2013 Bob Jones
2013-11-09 Aimfair Gathering - Nuevo Vallarta - Tuesday, November 12 Bob Jones
2013-10-02 More Scam Warnings Bob Jones
2013-09-30 VidaVibe - Grand Luxxe Residence Club News Bob Jones
2013-09-07 Prestige Vacation Services Bob Jones
2013-09-03 Cirque du Soleil - In The News Again Bob Jones
2013-08-21 Advance Fee Fraud - On The Rise Bob Jones
2013-08-05 Timeshare Interests....Or Fractionals - What Are We? Bob Jones
2013-06-16 Enter Vida's Second Annual Photo Contest - July 8 Bob Jones
2013-06-10 US Federal Department of Consumer Affairs - Warning About Scams Bob Jones
2013-06-07 Aeromexico - Las Vegas to Puerto Penasco - Beginning June 20, 2013 Bob Jones
2013-06-07 Mexico - Third Fastest Growing Country - Airline Seat Capacity Bob Jones
2013-05-31 Great View.... Bob Jones
2013-05-27 Today Is Memorial Day in the United States Bob Jones
2013-03-13 Grand Luxxe Residence Club - Three Categories of Units Bob Jones
2013-03-11 How Fast Your Golf Swing? Bob Jones
2013-03-01 Leaving Paradise.... Bob Jones
2013-02-19 Scammer Discussing His Profession With His Victim Bob Jones
2013-02-01 The Not So Human Side of the Timeshare Business Bob Jones
2013-01-31 The Human Side of the Timeshare Business Bob Jones
2013-01-02 Changed Account Number - Blocked Online Reservations System Administrator
2013-01-01 Happy New Year Bob Jones
2012-12-01 They Are Back..... Bob Jones
2012-11-18 Our Interview with Management.... Bob Jones
2012-11-17 Grand Luxxe Tower III B is Open - So is the Grand Bliss Pool Bob Jones
2012-11-11 Aimfair Gathering #2 in Nuevo Vallarta Bob Jones
2012-11-09 November Vacations in Nuevo Vallarta Bob Jones
2012-11-01 It is Time for Another Aimfair Gathering in Nuevo Vallarta Bob Jones
2012-10-28 Day of the Dead Celebrations Bob Jones
2012-10-21 Upgrade Successful - High Fives to Robert and Rodrigo Bob Jones
2012-10-17 Please Note - Aimfair Will Be Temporarily Locked Tomorrow... Bob Jones
2012-10-17 Grand Bliss and Bliss - Opening Soon at Riviera Maya Bob Jones
2012-10-08 Golf Night Out, Day of the Dead Bob Jones
2012-10-07 Panama Canal Cruise Rated Highest Bob Jones
2012-09-18 The Bliss Resort - 21 Buildings at Riviera Maya? Bob Jones
2012-09-05 Another Rental Deal.... Bob Jones
2012-08-29 Special Collections Street View Bob Jones
2012-08-27 Friendly Reminder - Be Counted.... Bob Jones
2012-08-25 Puerto Vallarta's New Malecon Bob Jones
2012-08-18 We Are Pleased To Announce.... Bob Jones
2012-07-31 Reserve A Lounge Chair With Your Towel? Bob Jones
2012-07-26 Jack Nicklaus Academies of Golf Now Open - Nayar Vidanta Golf Course Bob Jones
2012-07-19 Exchange Experiences Bob Jones
2012-06-21 Vida Vibe - Pretty Nice Way To Communicate Bob Jones
2012-06-21 Scams Are Everywhere Bob Jones
2012-06-13 Timeshare Rentals = Test Drive The Best Bob Jones
2012-05-31 Names Can Be Confusing.... Bob Jones
2012-05-30 Sea Turtle Conservation Event Set For Riviera Maya Bob Jones
2012-05-26 Cyclone Bud - 60 Miles South of Puerto Vallarta Bob Jones
2012-05-23 Scams Are On The Rise Bob Jones
2012-05-15 Restaurant Week in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit - May 15 - May 31, 2012 Bob Jones
2012-05-09 Jim and Gerry's Comments From Riviera Maya Bob Jones
2012-05-05 Cinco de Mayo - A Day of Celebration....But Did You Know....? Bob Jones
2012-04-14 Easterly View From Grand Luxxe Tower I Bob Jones
2012-04-02 Woooshh.....What Was That? Bob Jones
2012-03-28 Its Our Fourth Day....Way Too Fast....Time Passes! Bob Jones
2012-03-24 We Have Arrived.... Bob Jones
2012-03-20 Magnitude 7.4 Earthquake in Oaxaca - South East of Acapulco Bob Jones
2012-03-18 Gold at the end of the Rainbow Bob Jones
2012-03-08 Thank You For Your Patience.... Bob Jones
2012-03-05 Aimfair Will Be Unavailable For A Short Time Bob Jones
2012-02-16 Safety in Mexico Bob Jones
2012-02-07 Grand Luxxe Wins Best Design - Interior Bob Jones
2012-01-30 What's Happening Outside of Nuevo Vallarta and Riviera Maya? Bob Jones
2011-12-31 Feliz Año Nuevo Bob Jones
2011-12-20 Happy Birthday....It Has Been One Year Bob Jones
2011-12-11 Grand Luxxe Punta Pools - Open Today Bob Jones
2011-11-24 Its Thanksgiving In The US Today Bob Jones
2011-11-24 Whew! Bob Jones
2011-11-19 Open Letter From Grand Luxxe Residence Club Bob Jones
2011-11-08 More Progress - More Accommodations Bob Jones
2011-10-31 Happy Halloween Bob Jones
2011-10-18 Activities in Puerto Vallarta..... Bob Jones
2011-10-06 Tis The Season To Scam..... Bob Jones
2011-09-21 Are We Fractional Ownership Or Not....? Bob Jones
2011-09-10 Changes Continue At Nuevo Vallarta Bob Jones
2011-09-02 What would you do….? Bob Jones
2011-08-27 We Are Thinking of You and Hope You Are All Safe Bob Jones
2011-08-14 Aimfair.com Website Adjustments - Just To Keep You Informed Bob Jones
2011-08-06 Mayan Palace Construction at Nuevo Vallarta Bob Jones
2011-07-30 What would you say if we told you.... Bob Jones
2011-07-26 Comments From Our Grupo Vidanta Contact Bob Jones
2011-06-05 Please Thank Rigoberto Moreno - Professional Photographer Bob Jones
2011-05-27 Mansions of the World Announcements - Buenos Aires Bob Jones
2011-05-26 Two Matters of Interest Today.... Bob Jones
2011-05-17 Another Reminder From Grupo Vidanta - Beware of Con Artists Bob Jones
2011-05-09 Rumors to News - Grupo Vidanta Announces New Greg Norman Golf Course Bob Jones
2011-05-03 Grand Luxxe Residence Club is Changing Too Bob Jones
2011-04-24 Nuevo Vallarta is Changing.....But So Are The Other Properties Bob Jones
2011-04-10 YouTube and Aimfair.com Bob Jones
2011-03-29 Grupo Mayan Resorts Forum Bob Jones
2011-03-24 Stay Alert - Not All Is As It Seems Bob Jones
2011-03-20 March 25, 2011 - Running With A Dream at Teatro Vallarta Bob Jones
2011-03-17 Happy St. Paddy's Day Bob Jones
2011-03-14 Mecca Management - Better Business Bureau Report Bob Jones
2011-03-13 Mecca Management Strikes Again..... Bob Jones
2011-03-11 Generosity Should Not Go Unnoticed Bob Jones
2011-02-27 Ask and Ye Shall Receive..... Bob Jones
2011-02-22 Announcement to Bliss Owners Bob Jones
2011-02-20 Members Are Restless....We Want Photos and Videos... Bob Jones
2011-02-14 Let' Get Together - Gatherings Bob Jones
2011-02-13 Pages Under Development and Oooops.... Bob Jones
2011-02-11 What To Do With Expiring Weeks.... Bob Jones
2011-02-03 Acapulco Update.....The Tower Will Become a Mayan Palace? Bob Jones
2011-01-30 Comparison - Grand Luxxe and Grand Luxxe Villa Units at Riviera Maya and Nuevo Vallara Bob Jones
2011-01-24 Beware of Unscrupulous Solicitors Bob Jones
2011-01-23 The Good and Not So Good Experiences Bob Jones
2011-01-22 News From Nuevo Vallarta Bob Jones
2011-01-22 Security in Nuevo Vallarta System Administrator
2011-01-20 Where is the fence? System Administrator
2011-01-20 The Fence Line - Where is it exctly? Bob Jones
2011-01-18 Change System Administrator
2011-01-16 Thanks to our Members System Administrator
2011-01-01 Happy New Year!! System Administrator
2010-10-27 What Is a Blog? Bob Jones
2010-10-20 Blogging is an important part of our world today....Oct 8, 2009 Bob Jones
2010-10-18 Make Plan and Find Reservations Change... Bob Jones
2010-10-12 This Website and Blog Have Proved Very Interesting.... Bob Jones
2010-06-09 Vacations Solutions Network.... Bob Jones
2010-05-26 Outside Companies Contacting Owners..... Bob Jones
2010-03-01 Returning from Riviera Maya.... Bob Jones
2010-01-14 A Photo From Nuevo Vallarta (example post) Bob Jones
2009-12-07 Comments On Karen's Excellent Report..... Bob Jones
2009-11-28 Delays - Posting Blog Comments..... Bob Jones
2009-11-24 Rent From Us Stay At Grand Mayan....?? Bob Jones
2009-11-14 How Do I Post Pictures...?? Bob Jones
2009-11-03 Can't Make Reservations..... Bob Jones
2009-10-28 Can't Seem To ..... Bob Jones
2009-10-28 Traveling to Acapulco....Any Help? Bob Jones
2009-10-22 Interesting Ideas re: Swine Flu.... Bob Jones
2009-10-18 What Can Grupo Vidanta Management Say....??? Bob Jones
2009-10-18 Leaving in a Week..... Bob Jones
2009-10-16 Great Comments..... Bob Jones
2009-10-14 Sending a group email to the resort administration (I think????) Bob Jones
2009-10-12 Hi Folks.... Bob Jones
2009-10-10 Like the Blog Format Bob Jones